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  1. we both know thats a load of shit if you were better you wouldnt be here. seriously
  2. wow your skin is looking good.. i would swap skin if you want LOL im to scared to try accutane.. how you get the courage to try it knowing all the side effects anyways good luck, looks like its working out slowly for you
  3. acne has made me turn anti christ so god doesnt exist to me hes a fucking shitty god to watch sick people die and let people suffer with acne fucking what kind of god does that. a shit asshole mother fucker god thats what sorry for my language but im so pissed off at this fucking acne its fucking driving me insane i fucking hate this fucking life i wanna fucking die or be frozen until there is a fucking cure for acne fuck this shit!!!!!! i fucking hate going out in public, cant even fuc
  4. /b/ rother dont know if i can go on accutane, the side effects seem pretty dangerous.. is accutane just tablets that you take once a day or how is work?
  5. OMG why didnt i think of that... i have some aloe vera gel i stopped before i stopped doxy, that helped with redness alot! thanks for reminding me No problem kid. Just stop missing those social events, especially with family members. Holding a conversation is an important skill which doesn't get developed if you stay at home doing nothing. bro im beyond repair... no therapy or anyone will be able to make me normal again with this acne... cant ignore it either it gets to me so bad i cant
  6. OMG why didnt i think of that... i have some aloe vera gel i stopped before i stopped doxy, that helped with redness alot! thanks for reminding me
  7. yeah. my parents went to some family BBQ and someone asked my mum why i didnt go she said im shy and then 1 of the relatives said "no no hes just not social-able" oh yeah id like her to fucking be social-able with acne fucking relatives think they know me when they havent seen me for 3 years
  8. Hmmm the idea of going to a derm i dont like, would be very uncomfortable... accutane is maybe not for me, they will prob say i dont have it bad enough and just put me on anti biotics the only thing i hate with acne is the redness... when i was on doxycycline it worked good but then i ran out and it would of stopped working very soon anyway, when i stopped doxy got more red area's and acne went worse but it could be not enough water, when i stopped doxy i drank coke every day and all day and
  9. i know right lol i guess no one beat me i suceed at failing feelsgoodman.jpg
  10. i really f**king hate summer.. the sweat and oil, the weird stares and people thinking "what the fuck you wearing a hoodie on 30c degree weather you fool" does anyone with acne like summer? sitting in my room in this weather is equivalent to sitting in the Sahara desert my life is the worst, no one here can beat my shitty life.. 18 virgin no job no gf only thing i do is tafe computer course and rest of the time im on my computer... had invites to go partys and clubs and declined cause im ant
  11. lol its ok they think they own the forum. no freedom of speech is allowed on here just so you know... true fact
  12. accutane for that tiny spot? dude that is nothing... id rather have what you got.. if u had what i got ud kill yourself...