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    Restaurant kitchen scraps and cafeteria leftovers are usually things people would happily avoid. However, Jiang Nenghui, a junior at Hunan University of Commerce Beijin College in Changsha, Hubei Province has spent one year sifting through scraps in the city as part of research for planning a kitchen waste recycling company. His proposal not only won first prize at the 4th Hunan College Student Business Competition last April, but also attracted the attention of investors in May. In 2008,
  2. The annual college entrance examinations period has just ended and as examinees begin to relax, their thoughts turn to summer vacation. Travel is the first choice for many of them. Each year after the exams the travel market experiences a boost in business, and most hitting the road are students. Zhang Feng, the manager of a travel agency said, "Students need to relieve some of the pressure after taking their examinations. Most of them will choose to travel." In Shanghai, the 2010 World
  3. Measures to rein in China's soaring home prices are beginning to see results, and price declines are expected in later half of the year, say economists and market watchers. The recent fall in trading volume and slower growth in prices was largely a result of the measures the government had rolled out since April, said Professor Chen Guoqiang, of China's Peking University. Home prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities rose by 12.4 percent year-on-year in May, 0.4 percentage points lower t