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  1. I call them "acne nightmares". Whenever something bad happens with my skin, Im usually super upset and distraught, and go to sleep, and I ALWAYS have a nightmare that has to do with my skin. Its horrible and so depressing.
  2. Realizing I dont come on here much anymore. My life is pretty much the best it has been in a very long time. I just signed a lease for my own apartment in NYC. Im so incredible excited and blessed. I feel like a normal person again. No, my skin is not perfect. I get pimples every now and then, but you know, so does the majority of the population. I would seriously say every other person I see on the subway or in person in NYC, has acne/pimples/zits/red marks/scars. Its life! I had a humungous cy
  3. African black soap is great, but its rally really drying. Even if I use it once a week, immediatly after using it, my face is tight and starts to get really dry. It's really only something to be used during the summer when it's really humid.
  4. Its getting more flat each day. Im not popping anything. Im leaving it alone like suggested. Each day its gets smaller and smaller and less red. Thank god. Definitely the worst pimple ive ever had in my life!
  5. Just an update. I applied tea tree oil last night, and when I woke up, it was scabbed over. Its less red today. Its definitely hardening up, and the top is more of a rough scab. It also looks like the top of it might peel off. If this does happen, do I try and pop whats left in it? Or do I just leave it and let it keep going down?
  6. With my experience with dry skin, water water water. Drink it. Seriously you should be takin a piss every hour. Also, stop washing your face twice a day. I wash my face after work (mid day) in the shower with warm water, and that's it. I'll wash my face with a black soap cleanser once a week , to exfoliate. I apply a mixture of jojoba oil and evening primrose oil every night, and I also take evening primrose oil internally. When my skin does get dry, I notice that I'm not drinking enough water.
  7. Back on here after a couple weeks of having pretty much perfect skin. The other day at work, I noticed a purplish flat bump on my cheek. I immediately freaked out. It's now day 3, and its big, red, and it hurts. Its an under the skin pimple/cyst. It's the first one in my entire life that I have ever had. So it's obviously super noticeable, because the rest of skin is virtually clear. It's amazing how this has completely crushed me, mentally. The only thing that is helping me is a girl, my sister
  8. Mix jojoba oil and evening primrose oil and apply that shit to your entire face every night before bed
  9. This is seriously taking over my life. My skin has been clear for about a month, and then this pops up. It's day 3, and it's the same it was yesterday. I have so much going for me in my life right now, and his is seriously taking over everything in my head. I'm about to move out of my aunts apartment and get my own place, for the first time, an d I'm super excited about that. But this fucking cyst is just taking over everything. I know it's not something that will go away over night, but does an
  10. In your experience, do they just fade and go away completely on their own or do they come to a head and need to be popped? All I've been applying is a warm wash cloth and some Neosporin.
  11. I have my first ever under the skin cyst. I noticed it 2 days ago at work. It started out as a large fairly flat purplish reddish lump on my cheek. I didn't do anything to it, and it's grown and gotten hard, tender and red. I'm honestly scared shitless right now. My sister says she gets these a lot, and they go away on their own. I don't think my immune system is as strong hers. My mom who's a nurse practitioner told me to go to the store and get some triple antibiotic ointment. I got Neospor