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  1. shinshin

    Week 6

    I am now on week 6 and my face has cleared up quite a lot but I still have a lot of pimples on my forehead, side of the forehead and some on my cheeks. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately so maybe thats why it hasn't been improving. I'm going to start catching up on sleep by tomorrow so I'll be looking forward to it. I'm glad I have started the BP treatment though. I feel confident to walk outside with no makeup on. Even though it isn't flawless.. compared to before, it is a lot bet
  2. shinshin

    Week 4, Day 1

    I just noticed how I haven't written about my 3rd week on BP. So I'll explain as much as I can remember. There were days where my face was red and very irritating. My skin dried a lot and my skin was peeling too, which led to a lot of discoloration. Yesterday I exfoliated my skin with a homemade exfoliater (honey, green tea, sugar). Most of the discoloration went away when I saw my face this morning. It's not as dry as it was for the past couple days. But it still is excessively dry. I still hav
  3. shinshin

    Week 2, Day 5.

    Thanks I will. Good luck to you. I hope the regimen works!!
  4. shinshin

    day 21

    I wish I could but when they get a head I just can't resist but then I get carried away and start picking at everything!!I agree with the person. Try your best not to touch your face! I know it's hard for me too. I'm so used to picking on them, it became a habit to me. But I'm slowly learning not to touch my face and it really does help. Because whenever I used to pick on them the next day it would look ALOT worse and a lot redder than before. So just try not to. If you do, then do it with clean
  5. shinshin

    Week 2, Day 7.

    Today's the last day of week 2. My face hasn't been breaking out more lately --- which is good. I can't say for sure but I do feel like my pimples decreased in size. But whenever I ask my sisters, they can't tell. So I'm rather confused. I'm still not giving up of course! I have a couple more weeks to go before I can judge so I'm still excited to see the results. Still hoping they work. My mom popped some pimples and blackheads of mine about 2 days ago. Only the ones that were necessary. The day
  6. shinshin

    Week 2, Day 5.

    At times, my face seemed to look like it got better. At times, it seemed worse. But I am not on the verge of giving up just yet, for it is only the second week. As of now, I feel like it is slowly progressing but not in any state where it is immediately noticeable. I will wait 2 more weeks until I can fully judge if this product works for me or not. But all in all, I hope that it does. I am starting my healthy diet and daily exercise so I help that this helps me along the way.
  7. shinshin

    Week 2, Day 1.

    The past few days have been relatively the same. I applied the same amount, and some days at night time I would apply a little more on my forehead. (Since there is an excessive amount of pimples there). I haven't really seen much of an improvement. Nothing has really disappeared but rather slightly faded. It's still there though. I am barely on my second week though so it is not the time to judge. Hopefully this week I can really see some more changes. Good thing it hasn't been irritating my ski
  8. shinshin

    Week 1, Day 3.

    Today I feel some irritation and I can see the redness on my face. I think it is because I had to apply the treatment twice today. I ended up showering during the day because I have to attend my mom's friend's son's graduation party. Does that make sense? Although I look like a monster, I don't mind because they are mexicans and make the best real mexican food ever! Yum! I must contain myself and eat in small amounts though. (I am on my diet!) I think I shall exercise a little longer today! I ha
  9. shinshin

    Week 1, Day 1.

    This morning, I received the package from the mail. I followed the directions precisely and was surprised to find that it didn't irritate my skin. At least, not as much as I expected it too. I am very excited to see the results. I cannot wait for a week to go by! Today is also the start of my new diet so I'm hoping that it'll help the process of getting rid of my acne. Tonight, I cut thin slices of potatoes and put them on my eyebags. I heard that it can help reduce it so I'm going to give
  10. I decided to make this blog to keep track of my acne problem. As of now, I have severe acne on my forehead. I'm not sure what the cause of it is... but I've had it for a couple months now and it seems to be getting worse. I have had acne on my cheeks ever since my senior year in high school, but as the time goes by, it is getting a lot worse and more scars are becoming visible. I also have acne on the side of my head (both sides) and it's been there for a while as well. As a young teenager, I ne