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  1. So my reg is dans products, when I aha I: Jojoba exfoliate with my fingers Rinse Wash my face in shower Dry Wait Bp Dans aha instead of moisturizer Sleep Morning Sometimes jojoba exfol Shower Cleanse Dry Wait Bp Lotion How often should I do this, as I don't want to aha on fresh skin (I guess)?
  2. Hello, when i rinse my face of the cleanser what temp should the water be? I normally use luke warm and progressively keep on rinsing go colder thinking it might reduce inflammation. thanks
  3. Hey thanks so keep going:] I'll try the oil cause right now i look like have a tan but that's just the dead skin haha. Regimin has been workng awesomly I'll add, besides the open white heads.
  4. Oh no iv been on it for 3 weeks about, faithfuly, but I'm just wondering if I should be scrubing-washing hard enough to take the dead skin off. Cause Iv been pretty gentle and some of my dead skin stays
  5. So it's been, maybe 3 weeks and I've been very determined and it's been clearing steadly but! I have like a trillion hard white heads on the side and around my nose, so my question is should I scrub harder, cause right now I'm doing a mega gentle -10sec thick later and mega gentle rinse; orr should I just let it be and let it and the rest of the dead skin on my face fall off on it's own. thanks