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  1. Exactly! There's a fine line between eating healthy and just being ridiculous. Just eat it in moderation. You don't have to completely eliminate it from your diet. A life without fast food, fried food, or chips!?! No sir....
  2. Personally, I would rather have acne than give up all that lol. This has been said 1000 times already on this board but I'll say it again. Just because dieting worked for YOU doesn't mean its going to work for everyone. I'd be pretty pissed if I did that for six months before I realized it was all in vain.
  3. Lol why is your mom forcing you to eat things that supposedly causes you to break out?
  4. Ok so I have a small barely noticeable whitehead under my nose that normally wouldn't be that big of a deal but it won't stop leaking!!! For three consecutive days puss has been oozing out of this monstrosity! I tried to squeeze the rest out but nothing else was coming out so I left it alone but an hour or so later it starts up again. How do I get this thing to stop?! I'm seriously about to get a razor blade and just cut the whole thing off lol or maybe just stick a giant needle in it! Anyo
  5. Today is my second week on the regimen and my skin is looking alot better than when I started. During the first three or four days my face was real dry and red but it started to clear up recently so I stated using a 3/4 finger length of BP and the dryness hasn't came back. I use 10% BP for spot treatment and today I started using AHA and jojoba oil. Am I progressing too fast with the regimen or is it ok as long as my skin isn't getting dry?
  6. I use shea butter but I'm thinking about switching because it's kinda greasy and makes my face look oily. The oiliness subsides later in the day however and it's working good for me so far. I just started the regimen though so I don't know if that will change.
  7. I just started the regimen and I'm wondering if anyone has used shea butter as their moisterizer. Is it an effective moisterizer or should I switch to something else?
  8. I am planning on starting the acne.org regimen as soon as the products arrive but I already have a big jar of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque that I don't want to go to waste. Would it be safe to use this with the regimen or would it just irritate my skin even more? I once used proactiv with a mask so I was assuming that I would be able to do the same with this. Thanks for the help.