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  1. i drink raw milk. it tastes way better than pasturized milk, alot creamier. just make sure you don't get it from a shady place.
  2. hi i find that not washing at all or just splashing water everyday ends up breaking me out. only because my skin is exteremely oily and does not shed well making it horribly flaky, so as of now i take a shower in the morning and i make sure the water pressure isnt too hard and i let it go over my face for a couple of mins (i have to take breaks every few secs to breathe) so this kinda loosens the skin and then i exfoliate with a toothbrush..and i gently brush away the dead skin. thats all i do
  3. im on day 2 of taking EPO one 500mg tablet. does anyone know how long it takes to see results?
  4. imdolche


    why is it that my face and hair are very oily, while the rest of my body is just normal?
  5. imdolche

    Urine Dip

    woah... if you don't agree with what the OP has to say thats fine... just don't be mean about it.
  6. i just switched to using powder foundations and wanted to know what you guys think are some of the best powder foundations. i recently bought the mufe duo mat and so far it seems to be working okay.
  7. so how long till you saw improvements in ur skin? and what type of acne did you have before?
  8. i dont know why the hell i get these disgusting bumps all over chin. i exfoliate once a day, but it doesn't seem to be working. plus is is even normal to break out in 3 or 4 pimples everyday. i really hate the whiteheads!!!!
  9. try rubbing some lemon juice on the red marks, it helps them fade alot quicker and then moisturize with extra virgin olive oil.
  10. i started getting acne around 13 and it was pretty bad.. i was prescribed oxytetracycline and i was clear within a month. no scars. no sign of it ever being there. every year after that i would get a couple of pimples..pretty mild..it would come and go.. and it didnt really bother me. 2 years ago, the week before i started university i started getting alot of acne and it was persistent and i have never been clear since, i started getting random cysts which i never had before and lots of whitehea
  11. i get this itchy feeling on my face and a red patch forms its not bumpy or anything just very red and its disappears after 20 minutes. It started happening a couple of months ago, but i have no idea why. At the same time im getting like 3 tiny spots a day and usually a big one adds to the mixture. its really fustrating. is it normal to break out with 3 or 4 spots a day. Before i started uni my acne was mild and then a week before it became persistent and moderate. i dont know im just sick of i
  12. i've been doing the OCM for about 3 weeks now. i use extra virgin olive oil with canola oil. for the first week it really helped clear up my acne and prevented any pimples.. but after that i started getting my usual break outs. im still using this method because my skin was oily and very flaky and the EVOO has reduced flakiness and my skin texture is improving from it. im not sure why its not preventing my breakouts anymore. its worth a shot to try it.. i noticed a difference within the first 2d