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  1. i know what you mean....even when i buy oil-free moisturisers i always get paranoid that my pores are getting clogged because moisturisers make skin feel greasier. I think though aslong as its fragrance and oil-free its fine, i always make sure i use well known brands like Clean & Clear that specialise in fighting spots therefore you can't lose sorry if that didnt answer your questions haha
  2. i was just about to come on here to post the exact same question...haha weird. Happens to me too, so annoying especially in the mornings when you wake up and your skin looks pretty good then after a shower and cleansing it looks awful!! atleast i know i'm not the only one
  3. Are moisturisers that contain self tanning agents bad for acne?
  4. I know that acne around the mouth is a sign of hormonal imbalance. i don't know of any cheaper way to get a hormone test than to keep going to your doctor and explain how much your acne is affecting you until she finally stops being picky and allows you to be tested. sorry i couldnt be more help.
  5. i woke up with 3 whiteheads this morning and as much as i tried to resist...i squeezed them. Everytime i get a spot i tell myself i wont squeeze it but just let it heal itself i never do!! Its just not practical. They do say squeezing the whiteheads can be beneficial to the healing process if done properly so aslong as its done properly or whatever then i dont see the problem as it won't spread. If they start to bleed though or a clear liquidy stuff starts to come out stop squeezing it!
  6. Are some birth control pills stronger than others therefore better at treating acne? Currently on yasmin and not happy with results...obviously i know it will be my doctor that decides which pill i go on, but i'd like some ideas to discuss with her thank you in advance
  7. Seriously, i have done everything to take care of my skin; i wash my face morning and night, exfoliate twice a week, moisturise, sometimes use toner, followed the regimen, been taking the birth control for 4 1/2 months, tried duac etc. All the above has done a brilliant job of keeping my face clear....except my mouth area. Its really getting me down. Even though the spots are mild and i will have only no more than 3 at once, they scar horribly and are incredibly sore!! The scars are bright re
  8. Sorry about the delayed reply... I didn't really get any initial breakout except every now and then i would get an annoying gigantic pimple that would start off under the skin and then come up really red. I'm guessing they were down to the pill as i never got them before...but now they've stopped. One thing though, even though i have just finished 3rd month (starting 4th pack tomorrow) i am still not completely clear (altho acne has got much better) so patience is needed but i suppose thats t
  9. Yeah i have just finished my 3rd month of Yasmin and i felt exactly the same as you to start with but now i feel fine. In the beginning i was a complete nightmare to be around lol i was so mardy and would be extra sensitive so would cry alot but now this has gone and i'm back to my old self....i guess it was just that to start with my body didn't know what to do with the hormones!! Obviously though if you feel that your anxiousness is really bad then you should talk to your doctor about trying
  10. thanks for the reply, i think i'll do that...i have a doc appointment on monday so maybe she'll be able to do something
  11. I first tried duac 2 years ago for acne on my forehead and it worked wonders, i couldn't believe how fast it cleared my spots up, i didn't get any initial breakout from it everybody is different though. One thing though, i found that after continuous use it did become less effective i've recently started using it again and i found that it doesn't work aswell as it used to. definatley worth it though!! good luck
  12. I have just finished my 3rd packet of yasmin, instead of the clear skin i had hoped for, i have been left with what i think may be cystic acne around my mouth chin area, this has happened in the past few days...i have never had anything like this before, there are literally around 7 gigantic pimples in one area on my face...they are also extremely sore. I know that acne around the mouth/chin/jaw area is hormonal...but surely taking yasmin should have prevented this? :S I'm also applying duac
  13. ahh sounds good how long was it since you started to notice it working??
  14. haha thank you...i will remember that. :) thanks...i will ask my doc about spiro, just hope its available in uk!!