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  1. WEEK 15 Hello everyone! Same story... no pimples and almost no redmarks A good think that i notice is when i shave my face , i don't get tiny pimples like i used to have. I don't have any more pills of minocin... i will take the risk, of stoping the regiment in the hope, that i don't have acne anymore now that my face is 99% clean. But i will wash my face regulary during the day. Well... bye and good luck!!!
  2. WEEK 14 Hello there! Well, same old story again ... no pimples, big improvement on my red marks, there are very old red marks (some of them, have 4 months :-k ) that are fading now! I am so proud of myself by keeping this regiment very regulary, now i can say that my face is totaly clean! :D/ Still have to wash my face regulary during the day , because it gets a little oily... Let's hope the pimples don't come back :-s Well, i don't have much to say this week except the s
  3. Week 11/12/13 HI THERE! I 'm sorry that i haven't post these last 3 weeks... So let's start... My face is going 100%, no new pimples since ... (let me see) week3 of regiment! Of course that i can get that common tiny pimples that fade in 1/2 days that every ppl has, but that red small/medium pimples are totaly gone by 12/march. Minocin is the King! I have read that if i stop using minocin, there are good chances (or not... ) that the pimples might come back, and for that same r
  4. WEEK 10!!! Already week 10!! weeee Another week , to say the same thing ... (which is good ) no new pimples... and my redmarks are fading (very fast now! ) i think it is because the fact ,that i don't have pimples for along time. My face gets a little oily, during the day, but i quickly wash it when that happens... and it's good for a few hours. Just want to say, that the main reasons for my acne treatment are : -The great combination of BP+minocycle. -I changed my diet... i was
  5. week 9 hi everyone! Well, same old story, i don't have any pimple left just redmarks (less than last week) Just want to say the sucess that i am having with minocycle and BP, and that i would recommend to everyone with acne... give a try! Just want to ask you something... 1º -Do you know any product that clear redmarks. 2º - Because summer is comming , just want to ask if any of you had luck with (don't know how to say this :roll:...damm my english ) the sun+redmarks , does it make red
  6. Week 8 Hello PPL! Ijust got 2 small pimples but they are gone now. The only problem that i found, is that my face is getting a little bit more oily, i will wash my face more during the day. One more thing is that i got herpis on my lips i didn't got this for years!! they just look like funny pimples. Wel my face is going 110% good, i just have red marks, not one single pimple, i'm hoping that in this summer with the beach/sun , they fade completely. Well thats all! GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYO
  7. Week 7 Well i must say thay i am the happiest man in the world!! Since week 3 i don't have a new pimple!!! that's right! Now i am going to take care of the few/small red marks that i still have... I think that the reason for my success is that i never missed a pill (minocin) or the bp! NEVER!!!not one single day that i forget to follow my regiment! I think you should try to do the same. Maybe the pimples will come back in a day!week!month! But i prefere to think that my acne is totaly cure
  8. Week 6 Hi there ! My face is still doing good, i just have 2 pimples but are very small, red marks are getting good everytime . My skin is super smooth and non-oily , minocin and bp are doing great together. Well i don't have nothing more to say.... BYE AND GOOD LUCK!
  9. Week 5 Hi !! OMG i am so happy ! Finally i saw a big improvement on my face, the red marks are fading so fast and i don't have a single pimple on my face!! I do have 3 pimples in my jaw but that is because my daily shaving in that area causes some irritation of that zone. It's the first time in 4 years of acne that i see my face like this, i am following the regiment at 100% , and i never failed not one single day. I am so hangry that i didn't follow correctly the last 2 treatments that i h
  10. WEEK 4 Hello everyone! Well i must say that this week was great, dont have any pimple left of the last breakout, there are only redmarks but they are fading really fast! In this week, i didn't put bp everyday, because my face was really "tired" and i had to give it a rest, and it worked! Right now my face doesn't have any pimple ,... just redmarks (bastards....). My regimen details: Morning -wash my face -some bp (only on pimples, or recent red marks) Night -one pill of minocin -wash my
  11. WEEK 3 Hi ppl!! Last week was terrible! I had a huge breakout i think at least 12 new pimples ( yes ...it is true! Most of them are on my neck... it suks !). They are starting to heal now. But i can't tell you how sad i am ... my face was doing real good , i didn't have a pimple(!) and now this !??! I am starting to think that i am going to have this boring acne for a lot of time, and the worst of all, is that i squeezed a few pimples ...yes i know , i shouldn't do that! but i was so ner
  12. WEEK 2 Hi there! In the beggining of this week (week 1) i had a terrible breakout, my face was all red and hurty. I phoned my dermatologist and he said that was 100% normal, he said that right now i'm putting off all the "dirt" that was on my face, and he was right! 3 days after my face went normal again, the pimples are now just red marks. I have no pimples, my face is perfectly smooth, and i don't rembember since i started the treatment of being oily. I think that the results that i am h
  13. Hello Julie! Thanks for replying! Now i am using Benzac 5 (5%), and you are right it's a little harsh to my skin, but that's the reason i don't apply this gel everyday. But i am going to find the 2.5% because sometimes i feel my skin very hot and hurting when i apply the gel. Thanks for your advice Julie! Good to luck to you!
  14. WEEK 1 Hello there!!! First of all, i must say that i am very happy with my treatment, no more new pimples and my face is much smoother, but there is still a few red marks that i hope them to leave soon. Do you know any gel that works with red marks? One more thing that iam suprised is with my blackheads (in my nose, they are very very small but i don’t like them ), they are starting to leave , i think is because the Benzac gel that i am using. I have to ask you something... i’m new in t
  15. Hy ppl! I started a treatment (minocin / benzac ) and i saw a big improvement on my face , I mean a very very big improvement! i just have 3 pimples now , but the old ones had leave some red spots in my face , do you have any idea how to clear them.