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  1. seems to be a new break out!!! not happy now!
  2. i have bad acne and i need concealer something thick that i can work with and use a brush with. mineral powder on top. trick is to NOT use it like plaster, apply with a brush lightly to just cover the redness of if.
  3. I use Sheercover. I swear by it, it got me thru the worst of my acne. The concealer is a life saver and if u mix 2 colors right together is is just like air brushing. People just yesterday were commenting on how great my skin was looking, little do they know the mess underneath the sheercover. Always use a brush to apply concealer or foundation, a flat head brush and use stipling method too. goodluck.
  4. I am finding that I can only use a Curash sensitive baby wipe with QV gentle cream cleanser. Then I finish off with my usual Cetaphil Oily prone skin cleanser. I find it takes off everything well, does not strip my face, restores my ph and takes off mascara.
  5. Cetaphil for oil prone skin has been my main one for the last 4mths. Otherwise I am fond of MD Formulations Gentle Cleanser/Exfoilate or Netrogena Oil Free wash. I am only now using the MD one twice a week to start to exfoliate my skin since i am not 'active' right now but a real mess.
  6. I went to the dermo yesterday. I have been using Epiduo, Doxy 100mg and Clindatech. I have been taken off the clindatech, it is not effective for me. I am to continue for another 3mths. He thinks my skin looks so much better and I should be happy with how it is progressing. You see, i never thought this would happen to me, another 3mths seems like hell. However I am not breaking out like mad anymore, my skin seems to be recovering and healing and it is alot easier to cover with makeup. Ther
  7. acne scarring is difficult to deal with. i do think those in their teens have a better chance of a full skin recovery where someone like me in their early 30's has to really cross their fingers and hope scarring is minimal. if my face stayed this way for the rest of my life i would be pretty depressed. What keeps me sane is knowing it will end, it has to. But the scars will forever be a reminder of the hell it is to suffer acne.
  8. i don't know hun, i have done the same thing to myself. damn these phalanges for picking at my skin!!! i hear emu oil is great, i just bought a tube but i don't think i should be using it on broken out areas. i do recommend u do ur research before anything involving chemicals and abrasions. goodluck.
  9. i am armed with my health background, blood tests on my liver from the last 6mths and my overall blood tests. My derm will be shown my weekly photos too. =) I don't know if it is working to be honest, i am still breaking out, my skin is red and really hard to cover. I am not keen being on antibiotics as it is, i went a month without anything cause i thought it would clear up. It just got worse. I am too scared to stop the doxy till i see the derm, i just stick with the routine and cross my
  10. this is why i am on month 3 of dianne 35. I detest the pill and i have had a tubal ligation, so it is not a contraception thing for me at all. BUT it seems to mimic pregnancy for me, it makes me have nausea and morning sickness, breast tenderness/go up a cup size and fantastic skin. I am waiting for the fantastic skin part to kick in now! I have been on dianne 35 when i was in my early 20's, i used to suffer minor breakouts but i swear whenever i was on dianne35, my skin was excellent and i
  11. i had great skin for all my pregnancies, a few breakouts here and there but overall fantastic. i think my acne is totally hormone related.
  12. thats fantastic that u can finally let ur guard down and let him see ur real skin. my husband is fantastic about my out of no where severe acne. He see's me with and without make up, I am never embarassed around him when my face is at it's worst....in fact i probably show him more than he wants to see. lol I know he loves me for me.
  13. I have bp2 and am medicated with a history of liver toxicity due to medication. i am not responding well to doxy 100mg though, nor the epiduo or clindatech. I don't want a derm throwing accutane at me, i am worried about it's possible risks to my mental health and my body. Am I correct to be so worried? Am I at risk? I know i can refuse accutane treatment, but i want to know from u guys....the ones who actually know what they are talking about to prep me for what is to come. My acne is so
  14. Emu oil for scarring, redness, inflamation of the skin. Does this really work and if so how long till results are seen? I have tried Bio Oil but I think that makes me break out and i am too scared to try that again. Currently using Epiduo at night so i don't want to affect that either. Anyone?