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  1. Kate.

    Got apples?

    My face has had an interesting few weeks. I decided the best place to start my quest for clear skin was to look at my diet. They do say you are what you eat. I eat a lot of pizza and I've been called a pizza face a lot, so maybe there is some truth in that saying. I'd read about some kind of apple diet, that's supposedly good for acne. I think there's a website where you can buy a book about it but I believe people who are claiming to have suffered from acne and have found the cure for acne b
  2. Congratulations! I know we're all here for acne but it's really nice to hear some good news. And I love a good love story! Please don't let stupid acne ruin this for you. I bet as soon as you put that dress on you'll forget all about your skin and feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole world. : )
  3. Thank you for commenting, I think you're right. Fruit FTW! I must admit I didn't use to get my 5 a day but I'm now a vegetarian so I've been eating a lot more fruit and veg. I've not seen much difference in my skin but I am feeling a whole heap healthier!I'm not much of a tea drinker but I will certainly give it ago, thanks for the suggestion. : )Kate
  4. Kate.

    Clear by Christmas

    Hey, thank you so much for your comment. All advice is greatly appreciated and I will definitely look into getting those supplements you mentioned. ThanksKate
  5. Ok, so where the heck do I begin? Well firstly I think if I'm going to cure my acne, it's vital that I find out what is actually causing my acne. Now I know you're probably thinking I know this one, it's because of hair follicles and sebaceous glands and some kind of sebum crap getting all up in your pores. While that is a lovely story, and is indeed what causes spots, I'm wanting to dig a little deeper and say okay so what's the deal with all this sebum? Why if everyone has it, is it going ment
  6. Hi Matt, Nice post. Keep writing and let us know how you get on : )Good luck!
  7. Do you want to hear a joke? Well here's one for you: my face. Hi, I'm Kate and I have acne. Lots of acne. There I said it. As much fun as these past 9 years have been, I think I'm ready to have clear skin now. You see, I had hopped it was just a teenage thing that I would grow out of but as I recently turned 22 I think we can safely assume that that's just not going to happen. So the time has come for me to take my face into my own hands and I'm not talking face palm.... I have set mysel
  8. This isn't acne. I'm just too awesome. Sometimes my awesomeness builds up and the pressure of it is too much for a human body to handle so it has to come out through my skin. - True story.