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  1. GOOD LUCK!!! Hopefully this time really does the trick for you!
  2. CursedSoul, I don't think my fish oil has vitamin A in it but I'll have to double check! Thanks for the heads up! I <3 spinach so yeah, I'm trying to eat lots of it. It's been 3 weeks! I've survived and managed for 3 whole weeks!! I haven't really got any more dry since last week, maybe a little bit in my hair but nothing major. I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING the fact that my face isn't oily everywhere and my makeup actually stays where I put it! It's fantastic. I really feel like the worst is over.
  3. GOOD LUCK! I just started a few weeks ago and it's going great for me so far so don't be nervous
  4. GOOD LUCK!! I just started a few weeks ago, hopefully it goes as well for you as it has been for me so far!
  5. TWO WEEKS!!!!!! WAHOOOOO! It's officially the start of my 3rd week on accutane tomorrow! I'm totally managing the dry lips now. Basically I've placed chapsticks and carmex strategically throughout the places I spend any time during the day so I always know where some is if I really need it. Nothing else to report really...seeing a bit more dryness in my skin, but nothing major. Did you guys find that there was a certain point in the beginning of your treatment where the dryness and other thin
  6. DAY 10! I've definitely been noticing my skin getting less oily for the past few days but today it's started being just dry. It'll take some getting used to because I've never really had dry skin before, but I'm excited because that means that I'm getting more of the accutane in my system! I think my initial breakout is getting better...it's kind of hard to say. I still have/continue to get more breakouts along my jawline and on my chin, but the ones on my left cheek have almost disappeared s
  7. Ok, good to know! I did invest in a tube the other day, I really like it so far. ONE WEEK DOWN!! Well, just over a week actually, it's now the end of day 8! My lips are definitely getting dryer. I basically can't go more than 20 minutes without applying some sort of lip product. I've found my hands getting quite dry too. My face has been much less oily, but not really to the point of being dry yet which is great. Still going through the initial breakout stage unfortunately. I've been taking o
  8. So I tried to post this last night but my internet connection is about as bad as my skin and it crapped out on me and I'm too lazy to change it to the past tense even though the irony of all of this is that this little blurb has definitely taken longer than any changes but whatever. Tis the end of DAY 6. I was kind of feeling like my skin was maybe starting to improve and I was thinking I'd HOPEFULLY be through with this initial breakout business soon but this morning I woke up with 3 HUGE whi
  9. Thanks BenvsAcne! Good pointers. I'll try to stick to them!
  10. DAY 4 Thanks for the support guys! It really makes it so much easier knowing that other people know what I'm going through, hopefully I'll be sharing my word of wisdom with some newbies soon! There was nothing to report yesterday really so I didn't write until today Still nothing major to report...my skin has been getting better. I mean, still PRETTY BAD, but at least I'm not embarrassed to walk around my own house with no makeup on. I can feel a lot of little bumps, maybe just clogged pores
  11. So it's DAY 2! I don't really know if my hands and lips are actually starting to get dry or if I'm just freaking out and it's all psychosomatic...probably, haha but they feel dryer than normal. The one thing was I did/still have a persistent dull headache ALL DAY. Is this normal? I drank A TONNE of water all day and I just took some advil but does anyone have any suggestions of what works best on these headaches? Other than that nothing to report... Thanks for the good vibes guys! I don't know
  12. Alright. Sooo I've just spent the last 10 minutes trying to decide whether today is day one or day 2 of my accutane adventure. I took my first pill last night with dinner so I've come to the conclusion that today is my first DAY, being that I am now vulnerable to any of the lovely side effects. Alas, here is my first post! DAY 1: Well, I'm in a bit of a pickle already. I started Dianne 35 about 2 weeks ago as kind of a last ditch effort to avoid accutane but I've ended up with a RIDICULOUS IB
  13. Hi Everybody! I'm almost 20 years old, just finishing up my second year of university. Wahooo! I've had bad skin since I can remember...I've tried basically every coctail of pharmaceuticals you can imagine and NOTHING has finished my acne. While antibiotics worked in the short term, my breakouts kept coming back after a while. I manage fine, but, honestly, my acne's taken a toll on my self-esteem, particularly now that I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm entering a new program at a new school in S