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  1. I'm sorry I forgot to update this thread. I had to stop the progesterone cream, because it was doing something weird to my hormones. My skin was ok up until I tried colostrum, and then BAM!!!! The colostrum did something to me, I don't know what, but I started getting seb derm and folliculitis on my scalp, face, and back along with moderate acne. So yeah, moral of this story be careful with with supplements. Also I would like to add that for any of you that think you might have a p
  2. Hi Yoshigirl, I'm happy you found what was causing your acne. Would you mind telling me what was your cortisol level at? Mine was really high around 36, but is now down to 20,5 (still on the high side). My doctor and i suspect that it's my high cortisol levels that are causing my acne. Would you mind telling me what other symptoms you had as well? I suffer from depression and anxiety (from time to time), acne, very hard for me to add muscle on my body, usually gain weight around my belly, a
  3. Sorry, but i prefer the old site. This is way to generalized. And what happened to the acne research and oily skin section?
  4. What's your take on this? http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01498874?term=acne&rank=78 http://muradacnetreatment.info/xoma-initiates-gevokizumab-phase-2-study-for-moderate-to-severe-acne-vulgaris.html
  5. I bought grape seed oil from whole foods after reading your posts about it, and I have been using it since sunday. My skin is breaking out right now with very inflamed acne, is this normal the first days? Is this some kind of initial breakout? Should i keep using it? I'm scared of ruining my skin, I'm still recovering from the colostrum i took in January. I've been using the grape seed oil as a toner morning and night.
  6. Hi, I don't have acne like yours, mine is more on the mild, but persistent side. I don't really see much scaring from the pictures, just looks like you have really inflamed acne. How old are you? You look fairly young, so you probably don't scar that easily yet. Did you see a dermatologist yet? You should have him/her put you on accutane, and then try laser once you're clear Because there's no point on doing a laser treatment if you don't have acne under control. B
  7. Hi, Anyone out there taking colostrum for acne? I read somewhere that someones son managed to become acne-free with taking colostrum supplements. I started taking it 2-3 weeks ago, about 6grams a day. At first it looked like everything cleared up, and then after 3-4 days I started breaking out like crazy. Idk if this is a initial breakout, or some kind of die-off reaction, or am I maybe reacting on the hormones in the milk?? But I'm desperate for advice. Anyone know how long a IB usually
  8. Thanks, did you manage to keep your skin clear, or you're still searching for a solution?
  9. Thanks Melissa! I'm so glad I don't have to worry about my skin for now. Hope it stays clear 4ever )