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  1. I love studio finish concealer and studio fix foundation powder. The concealer hides marks and the powder blends it all and makes my skin look amazing. It doesn't break me out but then I use disposable sponges to apply the studio fix. To keep from breaking out you have to remember to wash or replace the cosmetic sponge every few days. I bought a pack of em at sally's for $2.
  2. the studio fix is definitely a foundation and powder in one. i have it and i like it but i rely on the studio finish concealer which hides acne marks. i use the foundation powder all over to even out the coverage. so i guess i use the concealer more as a fix and the powder foundation as a finish. the opposite of how they named it. so far i really like MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics).
  3. it's in my signature. i really like the concealer. no breakouts. the powder foundation gives a kind of light finish but the concealer totally covers my marks and gives a nice glow to my skin. i think it will last me up to a year or so.
  4. i have noticed acne in females may be more common but less severe than male acne. men with bad acne can have acne that looks much worse because of the testosterone and androgen hormones i believe. also women and young girls can use concealer, foundation, and powder to camouflage our zits and scarring. i have been on birth control in the past (over 2 years ago) and it did not do much for my acne but it did regulate my cycle so that it was 28 days instead of every 23-26 days. it depends on the cau
  5. aha helps smooth out the skin. you can try aha (alpha hydroxy acid), mandelic acid, and/or glycolic or lactic acid peels. i think that should help over time. retin a micro sounds pretty good too but i think it can be very expensive.
  6. i want one! i wonder how long it lasts and if it's hard to get the gel out of the plant sometimes? hmm. i like to use it for irritated skin.
  7. cynical polkadots? well that is modern life in the U.S. what helps me (i'm Christian and saved) is to just not care and leave it all with God. A sigh of relief cuz it's His judgement that matters the most. meanwhile just have fun and chill. i have "pigmentation" all over my body by the way. so called "black" with rich beautiful brown skin. i'm sure there are some haters out there but i let it slide into God's arms. people are sinful. we are living in a flawed and fallen world... Count it all j
  8. i want MORE than sex appeal in my life! i am sick of sex obsessed men... i like being alone. std's and aids/hiv are real issues... nothing wrong with looking good but i don't really need or want to be "sexy".
  9. it seems like you got burning irritation from the glycolic acid peel. on puredeming.com it states that lactic acid peel should be used if your skin is sensitive or acne prone because it does not lead to irritation and skin darkening like glycolic peels do. you could try using aloe vera gel as well as the neosporin type cream to protect and soothe the skin so it can heal itself faster.
  10. on puredeming.com it says to use every 5 days for up to 10 whole minutes once your face is used to it. every 3 days is pushing it but if your skin can tolerate it than go for it. if it starts to sting or cause a rash wash it off right away and apply aloe vera gel.
  11. so far i have used the r-ala intense gel twice and my skin is MUCH softer, smoother, more supple AND my dark acne marks have faded significantly. i didn't notice it the first evening but the morning after it was obvious. i think it sinks into the skin and works even after you rinse it out. i left it on for 1 hour and i applied 1 measuring teaspoonful. to make it last i think i'm just gonna use enough to coat my face. it's deep green, shiny, and gritty and smells kind of strange. it kind of tingl