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  1. http://www.lolluv.com/wp-content/uploads/2...c3acne1.jpg.jpg
  2. Do what works for you. Everybody is different. I break out whenever I fail to wash when I'm too oily. I wash 3 times a day, sometimes 4. I'm clear
  3. According to the regimen, jojoba oil is supposedly added to the moisturizer to prevent "flakiness". But flaking means losing the top layer of the skin, doesn't it? Isn't it good because many people are paying a fortune to get the top layer of the skin removed by chemical peels?
  4. I think it's $44 You can get cleanser, moisturizer and BP in any country.
  5. prolog


    No i don't. I just wanna know whether Milo aggravates acne because Milk power is one of the ingredients of Milo
  6. Can I use Differin together with AHA/BHA at night? Which one should I apply first?
  7. I saw Dan's video titled "AHA as moisturizer" How can AHA be used as a moisturizer? Does AHA have moisturization property? Does BHA have the same effect? Doesn't BP + AHA combination irritate your skin? There's another video titled "AHA+ as a spot treatment" I'm a bit confused.
  8. Can Milo aggravate acne?
  9. Benzyol peroxide + Differin Can those two be used together? Which one should I apply first? Do I need to moisturize?
  10. Can Clindamycin solution be used long-term? (like forever) Does it have internal side effects?
  11. Does sleeping on your side lead to breakouts? If so, how do you prevent yourself from moving while sleeping?
  12. I applied BP for the first time on my face two weeks ago. My skin was red and irritated for several days. I tried again last week. My skin got irritated again. Should I stop BP?
  13. I applied duac for the first time last night. (a very thin layer) I got up today with red irritated skin. Does it mean duac is not compatible with my skin? Should I apply again after my irritation is gone? Will my skin get used to it? or should I stop duac for good?
  14. Differin gel takes some time to dry up. I think more than 5 minutes. Will clindamycin solution be able to penetrate through the layer of differin?