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  1. before i was confident in going out without thinking of my skin but when this show came out man my life was shattered ← Don't let a stupid show bother you. You don't look like that girl in ANY way!
  2. It helps my blemishes heal faster but as far as preventing new pimples from forming, no.
  3. ^^ I think they were actually. That girl from the show has a face that's ugly and deformed. I know because my mom used to watch that tv show.
  4. I know filipinos can be so blunt and insensitive Don't let them get to you though. You're a good looking guy and you seem like a nice person and that makes you better than them.
  5. I've been heart broken.. but I still have to say I miss being inlove.
  6. I was on ortho-lo for 2 months and it didn't do shit. I didn't even wait for the 3rd month cause I had to do something really quick cause my acne was so severe. I switched to Diane 35 and right after the first week I stopped getting cysts. I've been on it for like 9 months now and I still breakout but I'm on the mild side now whereas I used to have severe cystic acne. It does make me depressed and bloated but I try to deal with it since I don't want my cysts back. So I guess it just depends
  7. I am not trying to say that this has some truth to it but I remember from my anatomy class that semen contains some enzyme that kills a variety of bacteria. Just a thought.
  8. I thought you'd be having a hard time sleeping when you're depressed? In my case, that's what happens. It takes me an hr or two before I fall asleep.
  9. Many swear by it, but I personally hate it. It left my face feeling yucky and looking dull. Also around the time I was using it, I had the most clogged pores ever.
  10. I've been in Diane for 5 months now. I'm clearing up really nicely. My skin never became worse when I started taking it actually. It's just taking time. The past few months I've been depressed, crying over basically nothing. Also, I've been bitching about the smallest things. I don't feel like myself. I'd keep taking it though. Better than having my crappy skin back.
  11. I haven't really had anyone comment on my acne.. (maybe because I was always hiding) except for this one guy I didn't even knew. He was just out our street then he says goodmorning and stuff and just suddenly asks me, "have you tried proactiv?"
  12. If clogged pores isn't considered acne wow I don't have acne anymore!! But I still do. I don't get cysts or those inflamed pimples anymore (thanks to my pill). But I have so many clogged pores that when I get a pimple, I'm positive that it is one of those clogged pores that yes just turned into that pimple! Does anyone know how to get rid of these before it gets inflamed?
  13. Me too. I only have very few friends left now cause they all think I'm flaky. I try not to let it bother me too much though. I've always been a loner anyway so..