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  1. I am now experiencing my first period since I started the regimen and I am very pleasantly surprised. I have a few bumps on my face. They aren't red at all. Small and barely visible. I also have three spots on my chest but they are already getting better. My neck is clear save for a few pink spots and my back has pretty much cleared up. My skin is also a little lackluster, but, all in all, I am impressed. I really didn't think the regimen could stabilize the awful hormonal breakouts I g
  2. Woke up with four zits on my jawline. Nothing too awful. They're small and they're not cysts, but they hurt like the dickens. I believe I read somewhere that breakouts along your jawline are hormonal. I guess I can expect a period soon. This will be my first period since I've started my new regimen and I'm curious and terrified to see what happens. Can I keep this under control? Usually my face explodes. I really, really don't want that to happen. I also have a spot on my cheek, bu
  3. All is well...ish. Nothing too awful to report. Woke up with a couple of white heads on my jawline. I'll spot treat those and that should be that. All of the spots on my chest have healed but the pinkness is persistent. Nothing seems to be speeding up that process. I started taking a vitamin A supplement Saturday and I've been really tired since then. I'm not sure what that is about and I'm beginning to wonder if it could be too much A. I think the dosage is rather high. (8000 i.u.)
  4. I sauté kale in vegetable stock with garlic and a little sea salt. After cooking I like to add red wine vinegar. It's nice with bacon, too, but not as healthy. Very yummy.
  5. I find I'm at my worst when I'm bored. Just a bit ago I was sitting around actually contemplating going to the nearest mirror. I came the the forums instead. Also, when I'm tempted to do something bad to my skin I do something nice instead. Like a honey or an oatmeal mask.
  6. Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I left the house without makeup! I was so thrilled I teared up a bit. I've been continuing my regimen. The only thing I did differently was a glycolic treatment on Thursday because my skin was still pretty dry from that baking soda exfoliation. I find glycolic acid is really helpful in removing dead/dry skin without doing any damage. When I woke up yesterday morning the cyst that was forming on my chin was completely gone. Vanished. And witho
  7. What wonderful advice, Wynne! Good luck, Premier!
  8. After reading through many reviews and posts I decided to try a baking soda exfoliation. Since I still needed to wash my face I just mixed a tablespoon into my cleanser. The result was a very fine, gentle exfloliant. Nice. I gently scrubbed my face, neck and chest for about a minute and rinsed. Immediately after my skin felt really smooth. It didn't feel particularly dry. About ten minutes post scrub, however, my face was veeeeerrrrry dehydrated. Typically, as per the regimen, I wo
  9. Congrats! I hope to be where you are very soon!
  10. Orgasms? Really? Hmm...All this time I've been wondering what could be causing these breakouts. I'm going to pay more attention from now on and see if there could be anything to that. That would totally suck.
  11. I developed a cyst a few days ago, after being cyst free for three weeks, I might add. I used a dab of honey to relieve the pain and that did it's job, but nothing helped to shrivel the monster. I was staring into the medicine cabinet, contemplating put more BP on the spot when I noticed the hydrogen peroxide. Hmm. I figure it's peroxide so what can it hurt? I checked the reviews, though, just to be sure. Oodles of reports of positive results. I cleaned a needle and poked the cyst and
  12. I totally agree! I wouldn't know you didn't have absolutely perfect skin.
    -doesn't make acne worse -very light -tingly, in a refreshing way -doesn't make acne better -isn't good for very dry skin -no spf This is one of the few moisturizers I've found that doesn't feel heavy or cause me to break out. It works well under make up. I wouldn't recommend this for a winter moisturizer. It won't help if your skin is even moderately dry. I love it during the warmer months when my skin gets oily, but it doesn't offer any protection from the s
  13. redheadalchemist

    -inexpensive -natural -reduces redness -tightens pores -doesn't dry skin -I go through a lot of cotton balls? I use Dickinson's witch hazel. I love the ingredients - witch hazel extract, 14% natural alcohol. I've had issues with large pores for many years and this is a really effective toner. It's easy to find. About six bucks for 16 oz. I use it two to three times a day. It's very refreshing, great after a work out or spending anytime in the