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  1. Hi, I have just started following Dans Regimen after a decade of trying loads of different creams and solutions. I have sensitive skin and if I am allergic to a product I usually come out in a hot itchy rash within hours...... I started using Pan Oxyl 2.5 a few days ago and all seemed ok. I am only using a small amount and plan to build up slowly. Today however I have dry red skin which I kind of expected, but my eyes has also swollen and look puffy, making the bags under my eyes look bigger! I
  2. The link didn't work for some reason, no idea what I have done wrong. I bought from Amazon.co.uk and it is listed under American Jojoba Oil 50ml bottle / Cold Pressed sold by the Aromatherapy Shop
  3. Hi, here is the link: I am not sure about the ingredients list as it is at home, but I can have a look. Thank you for your reply x
  4. Hi, I ordered Jojoba oil online as I intend to begin the Regimen......but on the bottle is says it is a Jojoba Carrier Oil. Have I got the right stuff????? Can this be added to my moisturiser? I want to check before I start in case I have ordered something completely wrong..... Thank you x