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  1. Thanks for that mate, gonna give it a try. I'm gonna use the NOW L-OptiZinc version, which seems to be the most popular. And this form of Zinc is known apaprently as you say to be the best taken. Around how long do you think I can see results? I have to stress, it's only to take on mild acne.
  2. Thanks. What is the best site or place you can recommend for getting L-OptiZinc for someone in the UK?
  3. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel as if we all have had those spots and red marks that you can just feel under the layer of the skin - as if a spot is waiting to emerge soon the next day. They often feel hot for me, the skin will be smooth and there will be no mark or NOTHING visible - but you can feel a slight ache. The next day, lo and behold it is a spot. Has anybody had success in preventing these before they come? The best I can do is delay it for a few days, and then overall treat
  4. Ok I need help from long-term Zinc users and those who have had success with Zinc. I've been using it for 6 weeks now and although it's definitely reduced redness and about 30% of my blemishes, it just isn't clearing up overall. I kinda feel like I am being impatient if I have to be honest, but then again surely there should be a greater clear-up in 6 weeks? All I'm looking for, is to reduce the oil/sebum production, and general redness/blemishes of mild acne on my either cheek. I seem to be c
  5. I am currently using Zinc gluconate 50mg a day with 8,000 iu of vitamin A. It is decent so far and my acne is very very mild, and half clear - but my face is still incredibly oily and shiny as always. I have the classic, 'wash it in the morning and im clean/dry for 4 hours but then instane shine after that all day long the oil develops'. I am wondering for those from previous experience, which vitamins can safely get rid of excess oily skin and get it 'normal' and a 'matte surface'. Of course
  6. Hmm ok. But while I think like we say it is not the greatest combination, I do think its a good starting point. At the current rate im working with, I would probably be 90% clear in 2-4 months maybe. But the full effect of the healing may not be there, perhaps causing it to come back maybe? Adding onto Zinc and Vitamin A, what would you recommend as one or two better additions to strengthen the process? I have to stress mine is very mild. 75% of my red marks are from 2-3 years ago, just fading v
  7. bump please help with vitamins that heal acne anyone. Ive had average healing success so far with 50mg chelated zinc gluconate/8,000iu Vitamin A. Its been a month and barely much success, but less oiliness at least.
  8. I'm very curious as to which fruits have the BEST results in terms of clearing red marks and current spots. I have a very mild acne, maybe 1-3 spots weekly - however with a few pink/red flat marks left over from previous breakouts from 1-2 years ago. Ive read many things on certain fruits being good for reducing oiliness and cleansing the skin, such as oranges, and also bad things of the exact same fruits. I try to get as much fruit as I can along with a fairly healthy diet all round each day.
  9. I've been getting really clear with my skin for a few months now. Its gone from moderate and either cheek covered with spots/redness, to absolutely mild, and then to competely gone in no time. Despite my skin being smooth, glowing, and not full of any 'active acne', I get 2-3 spots in the SAME places (1-2 on forehead, one maybe on cheeks). Ive been washing with just water twice a day, exfoliating once a week, steaming, and using zinc/vitamins a, d, and multivitamins. These have worked to elimin
  10. Steaming sounds good! But given that your doing it no more than say once or twice a week, does that mean the effect should last pretty long? For how long can the calming/soothing effect halt your current 'active acne'? I'd hate to have a lovely steam session one day and two days later look like hell haha.
  11. Im also curious about this. In terms of the whole improving collagen production and reducing inflammation - is that meant to allow for a reduction in oiliness as well? Because with oily/inflamed/broken up skin my skin tends to get darker in the summer as well as more inflamed and spottier. Ive read that as well as healing skin, Vit C can lighten...
  12. I guess to add what has been said above, it does take time to show results. The MINIMUM of sufficient healing that should be seen from a combination of these vitamins and supplements is 3-5 weeks. Especially in the cases of Zinc/Vitamin A, B, D, E etc. Of course those alone will not cure your acne. But Im sure as it has been the case for probably over 75% of people it seems, it can significantly reduce it from being like, say for example: 80% redness/spots/marks around face calmed down to 20-3
  13. So I've been taking 50mg of Zinc a day for just over a week now (9-10 days), in the form of Chelated Zinc Gluconate. While I have to say, there has been a definite slight reduction in oil for this first week - I'm still getting those small niggly annoying spots, and my face is still kind of 'angry' and inflamed. Is the initial step in reducing oil the first stage in healing from Zinc? To all you Zinc healers out there, are there significant reductions to come afer the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week peri