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  1. I think you'll find that many people on this board have had retin-a not work for them because if it had, they woudn't be here anymore! I'm on week 7 of retin-a and doxy and it has been nothing short of a miracle. A slight initial breakout, but now my face is SO much more clear than it was. Retin-A micro is good stuff if used as directed.
  2. Doxycycline has been working incredibly well for me since I started three weeks ago.
  3. I don't use benzoyl peroxide becuase I got sick of all my clothes and sheets getting bleached (which is one reason why I started using trioxil in the first place: to find something that works without bleaching). I have tons of marks left over from past ance, some of it from several years ago. I'm hoping that Retin-A will help fade the marks faster. I didn't notice that the trioxil did anything to help the redmarks.
  4. Probably 3 or so months, so it's had time to work. I'm gonna keep using trioxil until I've been using Retin-A micro for a few months and stop and see see if only Retin-A will keep my clear.
  5. I had meant that I was using both the trioxil and hydroviton, and then switched to a cetaphil face wash and didn't notice it get any worse.
  6. I've been using it for a while. I really think it helped (I used to have at least 1-2 cyst at all times. Now I haven't had any for a while, except for small ones, and the rest of my acne has cleared ssome also), but it didn't fully clear me, and so I just started Retin-A micro and doxycycline as well. Trioxil didn't irritate me AT ALL though, which is a plus. So it might be most effective with people who have less severe acne than I do. But I don't recommend the Hydroviton face wash. It se
  7. Personally, even if urine cleared all of my acne, made me look like brad pitt and I lived to 200 because of it, I still wouldn't put it on my face. Eww.
  8. So I was just given Retin-A Micro 0.1% by my derm. He instructed me to apply it in the morning, followed by sunscreen. Firstof all, I plan on using it at night because I don't want to have it on my face all day. But the problem is that I had heard that using a sunscreen (or any sort of moisturizer) directly after applying Retin-A Micro is bad...? He didn't instruct me to wait 30 min or anything. Any comments? When I apply it at night, is it bad to use a moisturizer afterwards?
  9. Beautiful poem But seriously, thanks for the info! Has anyone used this?
  10. This study only used 0.025% tretinoin gel, while you can get Retin-A up to 0.1%.
  11. One-A-Day Men's Health Formula is what I use. No iodine, no iron, and you can find it easily at most supermarkets (well, at least here in the U.S. where I live.)
  12. 2.5% BP doesn't require a prescription here in the US. In fact, Dan here on Acne.org sells his own 2.5% BP! So no, it's not true.
  13. It bleaches your eyebrows? Really? I've been using the oil free formula of Alpha Hydrox for several months and my eyebrows are as dark as they have ever been (and I definitely get a lot of the product on my eyebrows as I just spead it all over my face). Maybe it was just that product that bleached you? Or does glycolic acid bleach in general, and maybe my eyebrows just aren't affected?
  14. From online reviews, it sounds really promising. I've been using Alpha Hydrox's oil free formula at night, but I'm running low and so think I will order some Diacneal and see if I can get better results with this!
  15. Well, simply MY SKIN LOOKS AMAZING. Aside from a few very small whiteheads, I'm pretty much clear today! I wish more people would give this product a go, it (at least in combination with AHA and vitamins) have helped my TREMENDOUSLY. Anyway, how are things working for you, Soldier? Any updates?