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  1. Hello everyone I've been on birth control (Zovia) for about 6 months now. Before, I used to get 1-2 cysts a week, as well as smaller pimples everyday. My period was not regular either, and I hadn't had it for about a year. After I started taking it, I did not get any cysts at all. A month or so in I decided to change my skin care routine as well, switching from a harsh cleanser to the Acne.org cleanser. That helped a lot and really decreased the oiliness of my face. I also even cut all dairy ou
  2. I took 30mg of zinc a day for about 2 months. It took me that long to realize that it was zinc that was causing my digestion problems. After I stopped taking it everything went back to normal. I don't think taking zinc was worth it. It didn't really have any effect on my skin.
  3. Hi everyone I'm trying out a new, healthier diet to see if it has any positive effect on my skin. I'm going grocery shopping today. What are some items that are good and healthy that I should definitely pick up? Thanks!
  4. haha, I know right? I was all excited to take pictures with my webcam so that it would blur my skin a bit, but then I was like, "since when do laptops have HD cameras?" I ordered the regimen, and I'm pretty excited. I'm going to try to cut back on dairy as well. I've tried taking zinc previously, but it actually made me constipated (again with the tmi)..which I read could happen if you take it in large amounts. I was only taking 30mg a day though, so I don't know. Thanks for the reply
  5. Thank you so, so much. Any kind of support just makes me feel so much better. Yeah, I'm sure she was stressed from work, and my constant skin complaints don't help, I'm sure. I might try Cetaphil (the one for oily skin I assume would be best for me). Or I might just order the regimen supplies, if my parents would allow me. The BP in my last system did work for me, but I wasn't moisturizing on a daily basis, so that's what probably caused the flaking. Plus, I believe it was 5% and not 2.5%. Tha
  6. Hi everyone. I've been on the forums for awhile now, just reading without signing up. I reached a sort of breaking point today, and I'd really like some advice. I suppose I'll start with some background info: At around 14 years old is when I started breaking out. Not badly, just a forehead covered in little bumps and a pimple on my cheek every now and then. That was when I started trying out a myriad of products, like Proactiv, Clean and Clear, etc. I was never consistent with them, so I never