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  1. Eh. Does acne have an effect? HELL YES IT DOES!! It's ugly, I'm not going to lie. Would I rather date a girl with acne or one with perfect skin? Obviously the perfect skin. Acne sucks, it's not attractive lol.. But then there's the second part. Personality and confidence. Oh my god it's important. Would I rather date someone with a little acne but an awesome personality/confidence or a stuck up b*tch with a perfect complexion? Obviously, the first one. Personality/confidence prevails
  2. Put some water in a non-see through cup. Sip on that throughout night....or hell, put mountain dew, or any soda in there. Drink that, and everyone else will think you're drinking.
  3. If he's trying to start a conversation, then be FRIENDLY. It's sending terrible signals to him that you're always trying to get away. Do you know what that's telling him? He's probably thinking that you're trying to get away from HIM, and want nothing to do with him - rather than you just not wanting him to see your skin. Be CONFIDENT - as hard as that may be. Tell yourself that you're awesome and beautiful - the guy likes you, so you can't be that bad lol
  4. go out and do somethin -get more activites -meet up with old friends do ANYTHING to get out of the house. if you sit around all day feeling sorry for yourself then you'll just be more depressed. Playing the "poor me" game never works. Just speaking from personal experience....
  5. Lol girls want sex just as bad as guys do, PLEASE....
  6. Try to give men obvious hints...you know - laughing all their jokes even if they're bad, playful touching, smiling when they talk to you, etc. Hints that men would have to be completely dumb not to pick up on. D'awww, thanks for the tips But I have anxiety so I typically just avoid men loll Well you obviously have an awesome personality, so get out of your shell and let it shine! Otherwise, most guys just won't think you're interested in them and won't even bother approaching becaus
  7. Keys To Conversation 1. The 5 second rule Once you make eye contact with someone, start approaching them within the next 5 seconds. If you do this, it really shows that your confident in yourself, and that will raise your value with that other person. Confidence is extremely attractive in a woman I must say myself, and all girls I know want a confident man. 2. Smile when approaching talking This makes the other person you're talking to feel MUCH more comfortable. It makes you feel better
  8. Try to give men obvious hints...you know - laughing all their jokes even if they're bad, playful touching, smiling when they talk to you, etc. Hints that men would have to be completely dumb not to pick up on.
  9. Keys To Being More Confident 1.Fake it - Yes, fake it. I know this sounds weird, but if you fake confidence, after awhile it'll just catch on and be apart of yourself. Tell yourself that your the most awesome person on the planet and that anyone would be LUCKY to get the chance to hang out with you. No one is on your level. Yes, that sounds arrogant, but put that thought in your head - just don't say it out loud unless you say it in a joking manner haha 2.Body structure - This has a lot to
  10. Post up what you need to get better with, or how you have improved yourself socially. Other people and I will try to help with any questions you may have. You may have mild acne or severe acne, but nothing should hold you back from having a damn good personality and be a fun person to be around! Practice makes perfect. This should be an interesting thread; post any encounters you may have with the same sex or opposite sex.
  11. You're REALLY reaching with that post. I'm one of the most laid-back, stress free guys you'll ever meet. I eat cleaner than a ton of people, and I drink at least a gallon of water per day - no soda EVER. No energy drinks EVER. I wash my face and do all the good things, yet I have or had one of the worst acne cases I've ever seen. It's about genetics...sh*tty luck. You gotta make the most of it. I still get to meet people and make friends; it's just that sometimes your not as confident aro
  12. Well I started going to a dermatologist when I was 16 (I'm 20 now)....had severe acne since 13. Started off with retin a for a couple years, then past 2 years I've been on tazorac. Red marks have gotten better, but not an extreme amount. They're still there despite many years going by. I'm just thinking tazorac and retin a just may be prolonging them. And I read somewhere retin a prolonged them, and I believe tazorac is about the same thing. So I was thinking about just using nothing besid
  13. These two products are basically the same thing, right? I've heard Retin A makes your red marks worst or prolongs them....so would tazorac do the same thing. I've been wondering if I should just quit putting tazorac on my face for the past couple of months now and just exfoliating/emu oil.
  14. Thought those were just scars and some blackheads? I have about the same thing, especially on the ride side of my cheeks where most of my red marks are healing. I just figured I had scarring beneath them. On the left side I can see some, but most are prob blocked by red marks.