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  1. How are the Mary Ginseng House products going? I am considering trying the acne treatment. I have tried SO many products, so any feedback you have would be appreciated. THANKS!
  2. thanks alot! ill b sure to gve some of your regiment a try, thanks again :)!

  3. detox tea-currently use complexion tea by Tea Tonic(nettle, red clover, dandelion, calendula, burdock) detoxifies liver, kidneys, lymph,etc.Also, good skin care(I like natural products.Devita is a great line the Aloe cleanser, vitamin C serum and acne pads are really effective...potent too(had to be careful-low pH makes skin burn like an MF),skin was much clearer after about 2 weeks.

  4. Re: holistic regimen

    You can check out my 10-part blog (though some of the skin care info. is a bit outdated).

    Being in Kin I am sure you know importance of exercise and nutrition for overall health. I try not to spike my sugar to avoid inflammation and avoid additives. I try to eat well and limit caffeine. I think acne is different for each person, but for me:

    I like mild deto

  5. hey i saw your progress from diet and holstic approach just curious what was your regiment lke?

  6. I was just wondering if anyone has tried either of these oils on acne-prone skin. I have heard good things about these oils from people without acne, but I am more interested in whether either of these oils would work well for those prone to skin congestion and breakouts. I am curious about the texture of these oils as many oils used straight can be too heavy/thick for acneic skin. The Sumbody acne line uses Tamanu...has anyone tried this line?
  7. My Simple Routine note: I just posted an album in the gallery of before/after pics a.m. gentle foaming cleanser (I was using Institut Dermed Sensitive Cleanser but will be switching soon because the company changed the formula to include chemicals I wish to avoid...will likely switch to Haven Scent Foaming Cleansing Gel) p.m. gentle foaming cleanser Remedica clair visage treatment serum I like to use a gentle foaming cleanser (the 2 mentioned above contain soap n
  8. I could go on and on about the pros associated with choosing natural skin care products including how it is better for the environment... and how avoiding synthetic colours, fragrances, and chemical preservatives helps to avoid toxic overload or avoid related skin sensitivities etc. However, choosing 'natural' products presents some challenges too. Labeling. Many products will have the words 'natural' or 'organic' on the packaging but if you read the full ingredient list you will realize th
  9. CA007

    CA007 after and before

    The 'after' pics were taken about 3-4 weeks into using my current routine. I have also made some other holistic changes that I discuss in my acne.org blog CA007. Pics 3 and 4 'before' photos were taken prior to using my current natural skin care routine. My skin is slightly improving as I shift to trying more natural skin care. I have had acne for about 10 years and the 'before' pics are actually not that bad at all for me--my worst was MUCH WORSE than that!
  10. Ah Make-up. I need you, but I do not like you very much. I think my aversion to make-up is due to the fact I feel I rely on it so much. Having acne for 10 years, has meant a big dependence on make-up to help hide my skin so that I can feel more confident and less self-conscious it. I resented the feeling of HAVING to use it...I wish it had felt like more of a choice. Sometimes I wonder if make-up can actually contribute to the acne and make it worse. When I first developed acne(when it
  11. It seems that the sun has been demonized. This has always seemed misguided to me. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we should go out for a day at the beach without sunscreen/block--NO! However, I do think soaking in some rays is good. For me, I think 10-15 minutes with bare skin is great. Now, I must say I am in Toronto, Canada so maybe in your neck of the woods the sun would be too intense to do this... But for me I think getting a bit of vitamin D and the lovely feeling of su
  12. I'd say from my experience: yes. Trying to eat healthy is not only great for me internally, I definitely think it is reflected in the skin. Now, I know that some people eat really healthy and still have acne or conversely eat horribly and have flawless skin...so it is not the same for everyone. It is perhaps just one piece of the puzzle. Some things I think are worth trying in term of dietary changes: - limiting intake of sugars(ESPECIALLY processed)...but not drinking too much juice
  13. Mineral make-up can be good for oilier skin types i.e. Pur Minerals but I use Trublend whipped foundation by Covergirl. I have tried MANY foundations/concealers at all price points and I am honestly quite shocked that I use this one at about $10 a jar(wish it was not in a jar--some type of pump would be more sanitary). It blends EXTREMELY well so it looks very natural. I use it as a concealer too. You can build coverage and spot treating is an option due to the blendability. I apply it with
  14. Rebound acne. The worst. You try a new regimen or treatment and within a fairly short period of time your skin starts to clear...maybe you even get completely clear--how exciting!!! BUT the acne returns either because you stopped treatment or the treatment lost its efficacy. ARG! Though some people seem to believe in bp, it did not work for me. I have tried both spot treatment formulas(i.e. Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency gel-lotion) and full face treatments(i.e. Proactiv) ...more tha
  15. When speaking about acne it is common to speak about how we 'battle' it...but waging a war on our own skin seems rather counter-productive. Sometimes I think in our attempts to rid ourselves of acne we are too aggressive and this leads to other problems which can make matters worse. We tend to use harsh chemical topicals which disrupt our skin leading to dryness, irritation, inflammation, over-stimulation...this throws our skin more off balance. I think we need to shift into thinking about ho