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    Exercising (Just started my P90X program June 7th and its fun but intense!!!), reading for fun, listening to music, watching sportscenter, swimming, learning new things, laughing of course, learning about health
  1. Hey! Does anyone know any good home remedies for acne that you have heard of or have had good success with? I've heard using olive oil on your face and also cucumbers. Has anyone had any success with these?
  2. Do any of ya'll know some good natural home remedies for acne that you have been successful with or have heard of? I've heard of olive oil on your skin and lemon juice lol. Any of ya'll had success with this?
  3. I've heard many things, but has anyone heard of certain foods, supplements, or vitamins that help clear your acne by detoxifying your body? And have any of you had success with them and what is your opinion about them?