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  1. is it possible to become resistant to clindamycin from using benzaclin? I have been using benzaclin for the past couple of years and my doctor just prescribed me oral clindamycin. I'm just wondering if its pointless to try taking it because i may have already built up a resistance to the antibiotic from using benzaclin. But i heard that when mixed with bp it is hard for the bacteria to build up a resistance to clindamycin.
  2. I was on cefadroxil for about a year and a half and that worked amazingly. Last month it stopped working so i got perscribed doxy. I have been taking doxy for, it will be a month on thursday and am not sure if i have seen improvements. Certainly nothing as dramatic as when on cefadroxil. Recently i told my doc and she percribed clindamycin hcl for oral use. I'm not sure if i should stop taking the doxy and switch antibiotics so soon. Should i be seeing results by now? I think i may be seeing som