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  1. So the aczone was making me break out like crazy! i had at least 8 big red cysts that hurt to touch/put anything on and I could see tons of little pimples trying to push their way out. I counted them, not including the ones that weren't big, and I had 32, THIRTY FUCKING TWO. WHAT! I was crying all day. My boyfriend suggested just stopping the aczone and cetaphil since those were my only skincare changes other than the birth control. I washed with water and a tiny bit of clean and clear makeup re
  2. today has been horrible. my face has been breaking out horribly it hasnt been this bad since...last year maybe? I did some research and people broke out around the chin with cysts from using both the aczone and the yasmin. UGGGGHHH if i am left with a battlefield of zits and scars it will be hard to live lilfe normally. i cant believe i can actually get myself to class. I am so sad. i am embarrassed to let my boyfriend see my face even WITH make up which is hard since we live together. I am goin
  3. okay so my skin isnt looking too much better, i've decided. at least my cyst that got injected is almost gone. bad eating habits lots of booze and stess. bad lara. thats ok. blahsajdsjd i love hgtv
  4. So I've been eating like shit (about to eat a hamburger with onion rings and drink vodka) because I've been house sitting at my boyfriends parents house with him. Of course we had to party it up. I've been using the topical gel i was prescribed and my skin is happier! It's looking healthier. Less oily and dry, more balanced. Still is oily and I still have those pesky pimples around my mouth. They're actually at a head right now so i put some bp on em because they look gross and I am trying so ha
  5. SweetLaraD

    Day 11

    HI! So you're in england? Ive been considering moving there.
  6. So here I am again. 23 year old female who has been battling minimal to moderate to severe acne since elementary school. I've tried Differin, Tazorac, Retin-a, Duac, birth control, almost all oral antibiotics, B.P., AcneFree, Tea tree oil, way too many drug store products...oh, I'm sure there's more but you all know the point I'm getting across...my acne is smarter and more persistent than anything a doctor has ever prescribed for my face. It likes to play with my emotions, be consistently incon