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  1. Well, I *definitely* have a tube here that says 0.01%. I'm in the UK, and we don't have Retin-A Micro over here...so maybe the 0.01% is kind of an equivalent to that - being a lower concentration and all. Anyway, thanks everyone for the responses - I'm going to start in the next few days with the 0.01% Retin-A and (if I need to) work up to using the 0.025% strength ~ Kolobos
  2. The bulbs in BeautySkin and Dermalux lamps are definitely the same. Someone over at another acne forum I visit uses BeautySkin bulbs in a Dermalux lamp. He posts here as Rupertpoopertschnookiekins. I remember asking Dr Chu (who technically invented the Dermalux lamp) about the differences between the BeautySkin and the Dermalux, and he said the only differences (apart from any cosmetic ones) are that early Dermalux lamps had only 4 bulbs (instead of 6 on the BeautySkin/later Dermalux models) and
  3. Hi, This might sound like a stupid question, but which Retin-A strength is stronger out of 0.025% 0.01%? I only ask because I've read in several places that 0.025% is the weakest, which is the opposite to what I would have thought... Thanks in advance, Louis
  4. Thanks both of you for the input In that case, I'll pass on moisturizing in the evening, and just moisturize in the morning after I've washed it off. That seems like the best approach, as I don't want to risk doing anything that might interfere with it. Hopefully my face won't get too irritated, what with it being a low strength of Retin-A, anyway. ~ Louis
  5. Thanks for your response - I'm going to start using it next week, so what I'll do is cleanse and dry my skin, then use my BeautySkin Lamp for 15 minutes, then apply the Retin-A. One last question I have, though, is can you apply a moisturizer after applying the Retin-A, or is that a big no-no? I was thinking of applying some Jojoba Oil about 15-30 minutes after applying the Retin-A, but won't if it'll interfere with it... Thanks again, Louis
  6. Opps, should have put this in the Retinoid forum
  7. Weird. Why wouldn't the manufacturer want Levulan to be used over here? Surely they could only stand to gain
  8. Hi, I went to the doctors the other day and got a prescription for a tube of Retin-A 0.01% Gel. The one thing I'm not sure about, though, is how long should I wait after cleansing to apply it? It doesn't mention anything about waiting in the instructions that came with it - it basically just says to cleanse with a light cleanser, pat dry, and then apply. That said, I've read in numerous places that you should wait anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour after cleansing to apply. Any input mu
  9. I'd also like to know about this. I'm so desperate to have this done, I even considered flying out to the US! Though given that you need multiple sessions, etc, the costs are simply too prohibitive :( ~ Kolobos
  10. Thanks for the advice tikvica I'll start with the 30% Glycolic, then, and maybe work up to doing a series with the Salicylic. Sounds like that's probably the way to go... ~ Kolobos
  11. Thought I'd post this here, rather than starting a new thread. Basically, I've had 7 professional Glycolic peels done (2 @40%, 2 @70%, 2 @99%, and another @75% for maintenance), but I'm looking to start doing peels for the first time myself, because I really can't afford to keep paying £75 every 6 weeks I'm looking at both the Glycolic (30%) and the Salicylic (5%) peels over at www.puredeming.com, but really wanted to get some advice on which would be more suitable. I still get the occasio
  12. Which product are you specifically interested in? I've been using Bioglycolic Bioclear Lotion for nearly three weeks now, and I've definitely noticed some improvement - though I've really been using it in preparation to have a series of glycolic peels, the first of which is this thursday... ~ Kolobos
  13. What I meant was, this looks like the Dermalux light, in that it's designed to prevent new spots from forming. The Zeno is just designed to treat single spots as they come up - it won't prevent you from getting any more. For the record, I'm in the UK, but this is the first time I've heard of CoolTouch. I already have a Dermalux light, though, which looks to work on similar principles. My advice: get the Zeno if you get occasional spots that need treating. If you're still breaking out frequentl
  14. I suppose mine was more just swelling and bruising, really - though some parts were kind of lumpy. I did get one spot where I had my subcision, which does seem to have scarred slightly I guess it could have just been a coincidence...though I haven't had any spots that have scarred for ages, apart from that one. Still, most of my other scars improved, so it was probably worth it for me overall. But yeah, I'd definitely get it checked out. It's a real bummer that he's away - it effects me, too,