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  1. hi. so, i haven't posted on here for a long time. if anyone is reading this is bothered about catching up on my other posts, you'll see that i wanted to move to london by the end of september last year. i did. it's been okay, nothing great. my skin has improved greatly from when i was last posting and it seems to have been under control if anything. there have been times where i've had nothing to worry about for weeks and weeks, and times where my face has been a mess and i've been
  2. Thanks for the response. I've booked an app with my GP for next Thursday. I've been on lymecycline, not sure what you make of that? I've read somewhere about taking antibiotics for folliculitis which is something I'd probably prefer...the whole prevention rather than treating thing. I'm already using azelaic acid which I find quite effective when something comes up and don't wanna go for another topical on my face to be honest. Another thing I've noticed...if I do get a whitehead, without tryi
  3. Has anyone ever experienced this on their face? I have acne pretty mild, but it only occurs on places where I have hair, ie shaving. I've been doing pretty well the last couple of months and then cut myself last week shaving, and got a couple of spots as a consequence. Then reshaving over that area a few days later, I now have a massive zit coming up because obviously it was, as the descriptions of folliculitis say, "a damaged hair follicle". I noticed that when I shave my armpits, I sometimes
  4. i'm tired. red marks are annoying. i don't understand why they take so long to go. if i cut my arm or get a mosquito bite somewhere on my body, it'll take next to no time to go away but a red mark on my face will take weeks and weeks. it's really boring to constantly have to treat these. i'm not upset or anything over it, just bored of them being there. they're going down slowly but it's just the fact that they're taking soooo long. i'm still using aftershave balm on my face after i have a
  5. cool, hope it goes well for ya..i'll keep an eye on your updates! take care
  6. being on sleeping pills is liking having fake sleep, in a way. it's just not as good as natural sleep and it'll have adverse effects on your skin. i'm not an expert but i'd suggest stopping them.how long have you been taking the probiotics for and in what form? i took probiotics when i was on antibiotics and the 2 seemed to cancel each other out and my skin got worse...so i stopped taking the probiotics and my skin got better. i've read it's best to take probiotics after a course of antibiotics
  7. hair growing back thicker after shaving is just a myth. it'll encourage it to grow so it'll grow back faster, but not thicker. it depends what you're using to trim in regards to cutting yourself. i suggest a small electric razor..you should be fine.
  8. get off the sleeping pills if you're still on them babe, they won't do you aaaaany favours. good to see you've made the switch from green tea to mint tea. i drink peppermint tea and it's so good for you. were you drinking decaff green tea before? if not, that could've been a massive problem for you.tbh, i haven't read your whole blog, just the 5 most recent entries. what's your diet like? have you cut stuff out or do you just eat whatever?how many topicals are you applying and how many supplemen
  9. yo yo yo. i haven't written on here for a while due to laziness and not much to report. my face is getting clearer and clearer from the red marks i've got but they're still there frustrating me and i've got an ingrown hair on the side of my jaw which is a choooore because it's quite big but thankfully not really noticeable at face value. my confidence is growing but i've got a bit of a problem. that longing to look into a mirror when you haven't seen yourself for a couple of hours. like i'
  10. Boredofit


    I've been doing this for the past week and I've had good results from it so far so thought I'd share it with everyone and see what you all think. After wet shaving, I wash any excess shaving gel from my face from areas that aren't being shaved with warm water and then use cold water to close the pores (or make them smaller or whatever) and then I get an ice cube and roll it around my whole face until it melts away. This really helps with inflammation and if you have any small bumps coming up,
  11. ..you'd left a comment.

    hope you're well

  12. i thought it was just one of those products that barely works but yeah, as you say, people with mild problems would probably notice a difference because they don't have it that bad anyway!

    you can check my blog for what i do..it's not much to be honest. i just use finacea gel and use an aspirin mask every now and then!

    sorry for the late reply btw..didn't realise you&

  13. Boredofit

    feeling good

    yo yo yo. hi to anyone reading this. i'm in a bit of a mixed mood, but generally quite positive. let's wind the clock back a few weeks. i had 3 major annoyances on my face, but they didn't really look like spots, more like bites. one next to my nose which lasted a couple of weeks and never came to a head, it was just this big red bump and felt quite tough. it's gone now. then on the other side of my nose, the same thing but slightly smaller, which went, then came back as a white head and n
  14. Boredofit

    dum de dum

    evening/afternoon to anyone reading. i've had this whitehead at the bottom of my cheek near the back of my face for the past couple of days, a really tiny one that fiiiinally surfaced from like friday. it's pretty annoying because i've had to shave around it and left a few little hairs around it instead of getting a cleaner shave. it's also next to these 2 red marks and makes it look a bit more unsightly around there, although not too bad in all honestly...it's just me being pedantic. the
  15. yo! things are going really well. how're things going with anyone else? i'm gonna try not to make this a long winded entry because there isn't much to report except my skin is getting better and better. i missed shaving last night and just had one now with 3 blades. if i was shaving like, 3 weeks ago, my face afterwards would be really red and blotchy in places, but now, after a shave, my face actually looks really good. i've got a lot of little red marks everywhere that only i notice