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  1. I recently went to my doctor and he prescribed me a medication called Nicazel. This is a medication which consists of multiple vitamins which have been discussed within the forum. I have been on it for the past 2 weeks taking 1 pill a day. It has drastically improved my skin. I am thinking of going on to 2 pills a day and see if that will help P.S. I have just recently had a breakout due to binge junk food eating as opposed to the 2 years i have not eaten chocolate or deep fried foods. Compare
  2. Does your skin get used to the redness and concentration after time passes?
  3. Hey guys so I got myself Panoxyl which is a 10% cleansing bar and I used the Acne.org Treatment in one day and then I woke up and its red as hell my main concern is if my skin is going to get used to this concentrate of BP over time or will it always be red? And what should I do to get rid of the redness