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  1. you guys get headaches??? omg im sick of them. any comments?
  2. my mom uses it and says its working good for her. I might switch over to that from the cetaphil, the cetaphil is dryin me out too much. then again that could just be the accutane.. heh.
  3. Ya i notice that after I eat chocolate I'll have a break out. I figured it was all in my head so I just had a big bowl of chocolate mint ice cream. oo boy cant wait until tomorrow
  4. I can't help but relate to almost every post you make alex. your not alone
  5. hmmm.. I dunno how much of it it would cover but if you get a generic form of accutane like claravis (one I'm using haha) or amnesteen? or something like that it's the same stuff just alot cheaper. My mom had to pay like $10, but she has insurance on us so idk how much you would have to pay?? Sorry I couldn't help more
  6. Day 19 Last night it felt like I was gonna have a breakout. You know you can just tell? Well this morning I did break out a TINY bit. And the new areas are really small and I don't even really feel them. I've noticed claravis has made my breakouts smaller and the new ones dry up and fade alot quicker. I have a couple where they're like big bumps. They don't hurt or anything but they won't go away!!!! Patience I guess.. So today I was supposed to go mountain biking with a friend down some ca
  7. Hey guys my name's Kyle I'm 16, 5'9" weigh 155, and am on day 18 of claravis! I've had acne since i was in middle school i think and I'm gonna be a senior this year. I've tried everything and I'm sick of it!! So the derm prescribed it and i popped my first pill may 20. I'm on 60mg a day. 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night before I go to sleep. Some of the side effects I've been experiencing so far are really dry lips, low energy, joint pain, lower back hurts sometimes, skin sensitive to t
  8. good luck dude. i'll be checking up on your log
  9. Hey cool to read your log, I'm on day 17 at 60 mg a day. 40mg at night and a 20mg in the morning. hopefully it works for both of us..
  10. So I'm guessing the redness went away?? My face looks like a tomato with eyes =[
  11. Hey thats pretty much my life too.. I started claravis (generic accutane) about 2 weeks ago. My mom says my face is lookin better already and the redness is going down but idk if i see it.. @onelittleone: hey does your face get red whenever you apply a sunscreen or lotion and make your acne stand out more? Idk if its just me or the medication thats doing it.
  12. Hey guys I've been on claravis (generic accutane) for about 2 weeks, and my skin is really sensitive to the sun. But when I put sunscreen on it makes my face look really red and makes my acne stand out more it seems, would a tinted sunscreen be good for me?? thanks for any help.