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  1. You probably shouldn't use any water at all (especially not hot water). If your face is really dry/oily, red, and irritated - I would especially not use water. You might want to find a good moisturizure and simply dab it on across your face (no rubbing it in), and do this twice a day. It's hard finding a moisturizure that doesn't pile up if you don't wash it off, but avoid petroleum products. I was told by a thread in the rosacea community to simply not wash at all, and apply moisturizure
  2. My skin used to be extremely uncomfortable (it would feel irritating to move my eyebrows up and down, as my forehead was really dehydrated). Not only was my skin extremely dry, but there was a thick layer of oil that accumulated on top of this dry skin, with clogged pores and painful bumps on my cheeks. My skin was never like this until I started washing it with harsh acidic cleansers, exfoliates, or benzoyl peroxide; I started this long journey of searching for useless products when I began usi
  3. I haven't been able to hold out more than a week yet, so I'm not entirely sure of the benefits it might have - but good luck. As for moisturizer, I have been simply not washing at all for about 3 months (including water), then decided to add moisturizer about a month ago (trying various ones out, and only now settling on one), twice a day gently dabbing it on, not rubbing it in or spreading it across your face, it should absorb within 10 minutes or so. If you're deciding to go the water only r
  4. Oil in your hair might be a good idea, though I'd only use a few drops. However, there may be more beneficial kinds of oils out there (such as emu oil), you might want to search online and decide what you might like to try. I'd say the worst that could happen is a breakout, then you would simply stop using the oil - but you won't know unless you try. Also, pure African "Black Soap" is supposedly extremely beneficial to your hair, and you may consider that as well. While many have had the great
  5. Have you tried this hand cream on your face? Apparently it may be used as such. If you're suffering from an oily face, perhaps you can apply this cream to your face and see similar results. Worth a try.
  6. If you don't want to "bicker back and forth" with me, I strongly suggest that you pay a lot more attention to the things you say about Dr. Kligman and other doctors and scientists, and not make stuff up like you said in your previous post. If I see garbage like that again, it will probably draw yet another response from me! Huh?? You seemed to indicate in another thread that you had seen the posts that "LabGirl81" had made about the experiments that her own company had done about sebum secr
  7. The original study that first thoroughly investigated (and refuted) the idea that washing has any effect on sebum production was done by TWO people (Kligman and Shelley) in 1958. A further study was done around 1981 by Kligman, McGinley, and Leyden on the effect of shampoos on scalp lipids and bacteria, and showed once again (again numerous other things) that shampooing has no effect on the release of sebum by the scalp. That's a total of FOUR separate people in two different studies which sho
  8. Although there is no proof either way (for or against) the idea that cleansing or products have an affect on sebum, for the against side there is very few rather ancient medical literature (that isn't considered textbook medical fact) completed by a single dermatologist who may have had alterior motives for his "results" (like possibly wanting to sell off his patented Retin A to pharmaceutical companies), and you can view the reasons why these studies are likely irrelevant to the issue concerni
  9. awakeodin

    Absolutely none, I apologize. Absolutely everything, from overdrying, irritation leading to more acne, increasing oil production, and leading many users on a never ending hunt to "cure their acne". This product was the beginning of the end for me. I know many reviews get slagged for being absolutely negative towards a particular brand, but I honestly have nothing nice to say about it. Even a single dancing cookie man of a rating is being generous, but unfortunately I
  10. Honestly you have no idea what you're talking about. You've come into this forum and said "I don't care what scientific evidence there is to the contrary; I've read all the forum posts and here are the answers". You perpetuate the widespread ignorance on this topic. Every few weeks some newby comes into this forum and makes some ridiculous claim. It's kinda frustrating. Maybe Brian should make a sticky thread that answers all the newby questions. That should cut down on the noise. Ignorance is
  11. ay bro i noticed a little while back you tried the water only regimen how did that go for you? I think I started on the water only regimen for about 2 weeks or so, then decided to stop washing altogether. I believe that was around 3-4 months ago, and I've noticed a bit of reduction in oil (I used to get a thick layer of grease on my entire face within an hour of washing), as now my cheeks aren't oily, and while my nose/forehead are still quite oily, it usually takes until the end of the day unt
  12. Hah, no I didn`t try to pull a fast one on you. It was about 2 am yesterday morning, I had not gone to sleep yet - so I still count that as the day just before.... And on out of curiosity, what goes through all of your minds when you decide to break your commitment? For example, in my head I repeatedly tell myself something along the lines of putting it off until a new checkpoint comes around to start fresh from (school semester ending, Christmas, new years, new school semester starts, etc.). A
  13. And what about the four individuals who had glass cups taped to their foreheads, showing that (in the words of Kligman and Shelley) "...both keratin and sebum will pile up if steps are taken to prevent normal loss"? Is it just a coincidence that you're forgetting to mention THAT part of their experimentation? I had bad acne as a teenager (I don't even remember having particularly oily skin), but that cleared-up at the end of my teens (which was a LOOONG time ago). Since then, my efforts on