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  1. Thats such a good way of looking at it, thanks so much! And yes both your methods have definitely helped. I was just at such a low point and have been there before many times, it makes you despair as you feel you're back to square one. I have a scar on my cheek from this picking and as much as I hate to say it, it has actually made me too scared to pick again. Its like a reminder of the damage you do to your skin compared to what the acne does. Things have got better I just need to
  2. Yes like you say it will never be better if you pick. Its difficult though, today I was subconsciously rubbing my face feeling for all the imperfections! Sounds like you doing pretty well though, hang in there!!! And this will sound crazy but sometimes what helped sometimes for me was having a red light or putting some vaseline on my mirrors (like those 80s soaps lol) so I couldn't see all the details and pores on my face - just anything that took focus away!
  3. helped reduce red marks

    This has been great for reducing my red marks from skin picking. I started a topic with before and after pics using this serum.
  4. I don't know if it will help but maybe start a 30 day no picking challenge on these forums or something? I'll join you!
  5. You are not alone and I know exactly how you feel. Just two days ago all the stress and unhappiness caused me to pick a cyst on my cheek. I now have a HUGE yellow scab and feel even worse. When you get to the mirror and are about to pick just try to pause and think about how in just a few minutes you will feel so much worse and guilty. The danger is when you get into the "zone" as I call it where you just go into a frenzy and pick at every little bump on your face. I had managed to not pick fo
  6. The worst thing about picking your skin is just a few days ago your skin looked amazing. I hadn't picked for ages and then I relapsed and now I've given myself a permanent dented scar on my cheek As I type this I can feel the stinging and throbbing of the wound on the side of my face. I want to jump out of the window I'm so hideous. I have insomnia and haven't left the house in days or spoken to anyone. I have less than a week to finish a work deadline and I haven't done any of it. I'm just in
  7. I have been in a similar situation, at school I was called these names. When I look back I realise how awful kids at school are and they do this to you to simply make themselves feel better/superior when in actual fact they are pathetic. There are things I regret from that time: Giving up on finding a solution/treatment for my skin - there are always ways to speed up the healing process and as the previous post says can you post a picture of a patch of your skin and we can use our years of first
  8. I've been picking for 7 years and have managed to not pick for almost two weeks now. I've been at this stage before but have always relapsed. I have really bad social anxiety and Asberger's syndrome, plus I'm diagnosed with mild autism and I think this causes me to be an insane perfectionist and get really upset and stressed when I don't understand something. Fml lol
  9. Hello! So I have had acne for almost a decade including the cystic type when I hit my 20s which was when I also started picking my skin which has been for 7 years. My skin has lots of red marks and I have devised a skincare routine to try and reduce these and also stop picking. From the following photos I think there has been a bit of improvement in just a week. Morning: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Epitheliale A.H. Cream - If I go out I skip this an
  10. School was the worst experience in my entire life and I too have a lot of built up resentment and anger. It got so bad at one point I found a lot of the bullies on facebook and messaged them if they had regrets about the way they were at school. All but one never replied and blocked me, which to me implied they were ashamed and wanted to pretend nothing happened. Some of them have kids now which scares me because a lot of them (the girls) were physically abusive. I have extreme social anxiety an
  11. Ok I have been moping on these forums for years and came across some of my old posts about not picking. Well I still am and I'm fucking SICK of it!! Yesterday was a clinche moment (if that is right word) when I looked at my red-marked ridden face with a few scabs around the chin...so horrible. I going on holiday in a few days and I'm so angry with myself. I can't leave the house and I have vaseline smeared over my face like someone has just puked ectoplasm all over me. One good thing is toda
  12. Hello, I really want to dye my hair jet black but I'm worried it will make my red marks and hyperpigmentation more noticeable because of my sallow skin - are there hair colours (or colors if you're american lol) that make acne and red marks less noticeable?
  13. Hey I agree your skin looks lovely and plump! I would suggest a gentle cleanser oh and have you tried the egg white mask? Its fantastic for controlling oil and it reduces redness. try it for twice a week first two weeks and then reduce to once a week afterwards.
  14. Hey Tooxie! I cannot stress how important it is not to pick your skin, its probably one of the major causes of your acne. When I reduced my skin picking my skin improved quickly. I know what its like to constantly pick and not notice, you should look into the skin picking forum of this site, in addition you should visit stoppickingonme.com which tells you in lots of detail the damage you're doing to your skin when you pick. But you will NEVER be clear if you don't break this habit trust me!