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  1. It was actually a response to the OP. Your situation is pretty similar to mine. I've had my ups and downs but I don't think it has been bad enough for me to be considered bipolar. I think motivating myself and then losing motivation is what is responsible in my case. That's too bad that nobody will take your insurance. I don't want to see a psychologist I guess because it would make things too real. I asked my GP for medication and had no problems. I guess it's an easier route if you can'
  2. If you've experienced a manic episode then I suggest you go see a psychologist immediately. I guessed you wouldn't have it considering mood swings are quite normal and what you described didn't seem to be any proof you were bipolar. I wouldn't take a personality disorder lightly, it's pretty serious and can definitely mess with your life. Although, there may be some pros to manic episodes, the depressive side of it would be disturbing.
  3. I'm really sorry for all the troubles you have been through. I hope you can look past all this and keep fighting. I really don't want to make a pity party but I had to offer you some support. I understand this is all very hard but you shouldn't waste your life just because you have imperfections. You need to see your own self-worth and accept yourself. Once people see that you have accepted yourself, they will accept you too. So many skin problems could also be the result of deprivation of
  4. No you probably aren't bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is distinguished by manic episodes. Manic episodes usually occur for a short time where a person will feel overly energized and have less of a need to sleep. They may become creative and impulsive while in this state. They are usually difficult to interrupt and a lot happier than normal. In a non-manic state, bipolar individuals will feel depressed. Just because your mood changes easily doesn't mean you're bipolar. A
  5. Unless you're planning on eating liver, there is no point in avoiding any other food. Foods with beta carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes) do not contain vitamin A. The beta carotene is used by the body as needed and the rest is excreted. I'm pretty sure only animal products contain vitamin A in the retinol form.
  6. It doesn't seem like you're all that devoted to any anti-acne diet. You obviously don't sound like you'll be on this diet very long so I say have the cake.
  7. If the culture came back negative it's probably not staph. If they didn't take a good culture it could probably be staph. Chances are, it's not though. If you got it after antibiotics it's probably fungal. It is also possible it is bacterial too. You probably won't notice any negative effects if you treat it as fungal and it's bacterial. However, if you treat it as bacterial and it's fungal, it will get much worse.
  8. If you're still alive in a month...I'd love to hear all about it. This ^ I have a feeling you're making assumptions about your skin just because it makes you feel like you're in control. I don't see how cooked vegetables would give you acne unless you are intolerant to one of the vegetables. I don't have any problem with fasting but a month long fast is really just dangerous and there would be little to no benefits of sustaining such a long fast. Besides, such fasting can reall
  9. 1. Cut out gluten 2. Cut out dairy (if you haven't) 3. Shop the perimeter of the store (no processed food) 4. Eat balanced meals with fiber, protein, fat, carbs Good fats: butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil Protein: non-processed meat (the best quality you can find/afford) Carbs: all vegetables, some low-sugar fruits, possibly rice, gluten-free oats, etc.
  10. If you really need antidepressants...why would anything else matter? And no. Prozac didn't give me any acne.
  11. This is borderline anorexic behavior. You should really see a doctor.
  12. What the heck are you talking about. Why don't you just buy gluten-free cupcake mix. Jeez you know you can still have potatoes, rice, fruit, beans....just to name a few. They are all great sources of carbs since you seem to be craving carbs. Don't eliminate stuff you don't have to. Eat some yogurt. A bowl of whole milk yogurt is enough to tackle any craving. Plus if it's only gluten, you can have some chocolate and all kinds of other sweets in moderation. Gluten isn't hard to avoid at al
  13. I saw a video online of a dermatologist who was answering questions about acne. When they asked her if diet plays a role in the formation of acne she said "people who eat a diet high in fat tend to develop more acne" My doctor isn't bad at all and she isn't even a dermatologist. She recommended probiotics, a vitamin, and some herbal laxative. It sucks that I've been using probiotics and vitamins for quite some time and I know they have little to no effect on my acne. Doesn't mean I'm going
  14. Try either gluten-free or low fructose or both. You'll probably have an initial reaction to eating anything with a decent amount of carbs if you are only eating meat and veggies now. The key is to not go full force and only make small changes. I've noticed it's not worth it to pursue a strict diet if it means developing an eating disorder. In my case though, I didn't get clear on paleo alone. I probably need work in other areas and probably still have some food sensitivities (which are alwa
  15. sometimes restricting your diet so much is the worst thing you can do. Unless you're taking high-dose supplements, you'll probably be deficient in vitamins/minerals especially since you're exercising so much. Not eating meat gave me the worst acne I ever had. Meat is definitely a good thing in terms of acne.