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  1. Hey hun, How are the red marks? I got my first chin spot in AGES this week, I honestly couldn't believe it as I hadn't had one in a looooooooong time (well for me anyway, I used to have at least 1-2 a week!) Thankfully it was very small but it had a slight head which I stupidly picked. Now it is taking forever to go away! I never learn! It is just so hard to resist isn't it.... How are the other side effects? Hope they aren't too bad. My lips are still dreadful in the morning but I read somewh
  2. Hey lovely! I had a stye 2 weeks ago. The only thing I did was stop wearing eye make up (I really missed my mascara!) and I made sure I didn't touch it at all. It cleared up on its own in about 3-4 days. Mine was really sore, felt like I had grit in my eye! Hope it gets better soon x
  3. Hi Niamh, I know exactly how you feel! A few weeks into accutane I woke up one morning and went into the shower. I came out with a raw patch at the top of my forehead as the top layer of a patch of skin had come off. It was weeping and oozing. Needless to say I freaked out. I still to this day have no idea why that happened! What I did was I went to see a pharmacist. Pharmacists have good medical knowledge, you don't need an appointment and they can recommend a product if they think it is neces
  4. Awww hunny, big hug to you from Reading! I have scars on both cheeks. My left one has some pitted scars which I hope to have filled one day. They are particularly noticeable under flourescent lights. I also have some red scars on my chin but hopefully they will fade with time. Scars are more annoying in a way than spots aren't they, at least spots go away more quickly. I don't know if there are any good acne scar creams on the market? Might be worth researching... Hope you are ok x
  5. Hey again, What strength is the Differin? I was using 0.1% prior to Accutane and found it MUCH less irritating than BP. In fact, I am still using it while on 20mg a day to "spot treat" bad areas (I was applying it all over my face before the accutane). On Accutane, I use it much much more sparingly of course but this tiny bit of Differin I am using now and again isn't irritating my skin at all. I realise the 0.3% stuff would be stronger but I personally find it a much better topical than BP. Ma
  6. Goodz I am sorry to hear this However, when I was at my first derm appointment I asked what would happen if you forgot to take accutane and he said it wouldn't make a difference as it stays in your system for up to a month. Hopefully it will continue to work and you will see improvements. What topicals were you given? I have noticed an improvement in my skin since I started eating more oily fish. I eat 2-3 portions a week. It's fatty but "good" fat. Eating this or taking omega 3 capsules may h
  7. Hello lovely! The gritty feeling, while unpleasant, is a "good" thing as it shows the accutane is working by pushing things to the surface . Hope you're getting better. x
  8. Hi goodz! Glad to hear you are still experiencing improvement. We are pretty much at the same stage of treatment and I have randomly broken out on my forehead as well! I was just saying to OursFan that I have read quite a few logs where people have randomly broken out between months 2 and 3. It's probably just coincidence but interesting nonetheless. One of the spots I have is lurking precariously under the skin, am hoping it doesn't turn into a beast! Hopefully month 3 will see continuing impr
  9. Hi Ours Fan, I have been following your log and I definitely see some progress! I am pretty much at the exact same stage as you (on day 60 or thereabouts). I have also randomly had a breakout on my forehead! Interestingly I have read quite a few logs where people have had a random breakout going into month 3! Probably just coincidence, but interesting nonetheless.....
  10. LOL @ your dream! I have had very vivid dreams while on Accutane. One particularly memorable one was when I was on the beach and I suddenly realised I hadn't put any sun cream on. I then looked in the mirror and to my horror my face was TOMATO red. In the dream everyone kept staring and asking questions, I was horrified! I woke up in such a panic and was so relieved that it was a dream. That could actually happen in real life, but at least I learned my lesson in a dream!
  11. I wake up very early too but I do get up for work at 6 so my body is used to waking up early! Today I didn't wake up til 7, that is a lie in for me! Hope your headache has completely gone. x
  12. Hi Gwenny! I also had loads of black dots on my skin, still have some now (mainly on my nose) and I'm on day 52. Whatever you do, don't pick!! I know it's tempting but I picked my nose blackheads and one time the skin peeled off and I created a scab which looked awful, even under make up so I couldn't even cover it! It was on the tip of my nose as well lol. They will go in time
  13. Hey! Glad chin spot is healing up. Love our chats on FB too, will be strange not going on FB or the org while I am away! I just PRAY my skin doesnt break out when I am away, don't want my trip ruined! Loving the sound of the nap! I was going to bed at 9pm in the first month of 'tane! You up to much tonight? I'm having a night in as have lots of packing to do tomorrow before I head off early evening to meet my mum. x
  14. Hello, I am on 20mg and it looks like I'll be taking it for around 7 months. Glad to see you had such success with it and that your skin is still doing well!