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  1. In the past few weeks I've been quite clear and quite happy about the results. However, I'm having breakouts on my right cheek again ! Haven't used any new products...can't really figure out why! Hope they'll go away soon!!!
  2. Now into 3rd week of the regimen. I had a HUGE breakout after the huge two cysts on my left cheek finally toned down, my right cheek started breaking out with lots of red papules like 5-6 in the same area really close together!!! And I have another 3 on my forehead. And I think I accidently got some BP around my eye area and I have these tiny red spots under my eyes too. I seriously wanted to quit this regimen. Now in week 3 I don't see much improvement. When I wasn't on this regimen I'd ne
  3. Thanks! I know it's still an early stage and I just can't wait until I see the results! I haven't added the glycerin yet because jojoba oil is doing a wonderful job. I might leave it for later. Thanks for your encouragement and I also wish you the best with regimen! Good luck!
  4. I've always been a very skeptical person about everything and I guess that's why I don't really believe in the hype about Proactiv. However I've tried Acne.org's regimen 3 years ago and I have to admit it worked while I was using it (pimples do come back if you stop though). My fiancee has been really supportive and he said my skin is getting much better although I can't really see that myself lol I hope he was giving an honest opinion... Yes, I know 12th day is still quite early, I just gotta
  5. today is 12th day on the regimen. I'm sitll using a small amount in the morning and more during the night. The flaking is much under control and my face is not as red and irritated. However the two cysts on my left cheek are still there.... i dunno y but after I started using BP the pimples take AGES to go away and the way they go down is really strange...like the skin around it just peels and peels and it goes flatter and flatter VERY VERY slowly....I'm so sick of them urgh! My wedding is going
  6. just used a lot of jojoba oil as makeup remover. works wonderfully! i wear bare minerals, and as time passes by during the day my skin gets very flaky towards the end of the day. i was using neutrogena towels to remove my makeup, but they weren't moist enough so i had to rub really hard to get the makeup off properly... this creates lots of friction that can actually worsen acne. but with jojoba oil, makeup comes off easily and the flakes get rubbed off too! i highly recommend it as a makeup re
  7. Yes I will stick with it! Jojoba oil and glycerin came in today. New Zealand here sells jojoba oil for $18nz (around $13usd) for 100ml, but for 250ml is only $25. I didn't see that though!!! Should have spent $7 more and get more than double the amount...damn it. anyway will add that to my moisturiser tonight and see what happens to the flaking...
  8. Today is 8th day on Regimen. It's clearing up.However I have noticed that the previous fresh red marks have become deep purple. My pimples have taken more than a week to heal, this has not happened to me before... Still lots of flaking, ordered jojoba oil and vegetable glycerin last night... plz plz regimen plz work for me!! *fingers crossed*
  9. Hi everybody, I have been on the regimen for 1 week now. I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive. I'm planning to go to the doctor to get my blood HCG level tested tomorrow. However I'm wondering if anybody here has done the regimen while being pregnant? I did some researches on the net and it seems that benzoyl peroxide is safe enough for pregnant women. I just want to make 100% sure that this is OK and will not affect the fetus. I am Chinese, and many Chinese women believe they
  10. Yes, good luck to us. Just need to stick with it for a little while and see what happens I guess...
  11. Hi everybody, Today is my 6th day on the regimen. I have moderate acne (most of the time have 2-3 active pimples that are red and bumpy) and lots of red marks. I used the regimen back in 2007 which I think helped a lot to clear up my skin. Then I stopped it for a few years and last year my acne came back and was worse than ever. It seems like that after getting onto the regimen, my skin is a lot worse-- i have about 5-6 active red bumps at the moment and they seem to take forever to go down (whe