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  1. I've been noticing these red bumps on my right lip & chime area. They look like blemishes. I shave around every 2 days, but I don't think that's the problem Because then my entire mouth area would be red & bumpy. Is this like an allergic Reaction or just a side effect of Accutane? I'll post pictures later if I have time. Any suggestions/answers are greatly Appreciated.
  2. I've made a blog on Tumblr! accutanelog.tumblr.com I'll be posting on this blog from now on, so you're more than welcome to read it
  3. I was wondering if these little bumps were a side effect of Accutane. They don't hurt, but they do itch and sometimes they bleed. My arm looks really dry and ashy and putting lotion on only makes them turn red. I really hope this isn't anything else (scabies), I can't afford to get an infection right since I have a 4 month old sister who I have to babysit frequently.
  4. So I missed a day so now I'm behind but oh well. But my skin is so much better now. I can actually look at my face now without cringing as much My parents the other day noticed that my face was clearing up and were like "woah, finally something is working". I'm feeling more confident now and I'm not afraid to leave the house as much anymore. Side effects are starting to kick in though (chapped lips, slightly dried face, some back pain, laziness) other than that I feel completely fine! Can't wa
  5. I'm in the same boat. In two weeks I'll be going to Seaworld and of course it'll be hot and sunny. The thing is that I don't want to put on a high SPF of sunscreen due to the face that it ends up pilling and then flaking on my face. SPF 16 works fine but anything higher won't which is weird. I might just wear a hat and try to stay in the shade all day.
  6. Agreed. My derm couldn't stress this enough. Do NOT to use anything else when on Accutane. Just a facial wash (Cetaphil) and water. BTW from my experience, just stay away from Proativ. All it did for me was make make my skin look worse than before and it caused me to break out nasty, which lead to me being prescribed Accutane. A derm is the safest way to go if you want to improve your skin.
  7. Day ?: idk haha I lost track of days, I'll count the pills and then I'll know. But anyways, my acne seems to be clearing up now. I have less and less pimples each day, but I still have that horrid cyst on my nose! gah! I want it to clear up already!
  8. I'm going out of town in about 4 weeks and I was wondering if I could skip a few days since it'll probably be really hot and sunny and I know Accutane makes your skin sensitive to light.
  9. Thanks for the support guys and I wish those who currently on treatment good luck! Day 13: I'm starting to get lazy updating my log. Anyways today was better. The acne on the right side of my face is literally almost gone. All that's left is bumps right now, no more redness or tenderness! But the left side is another story. I'm still having a bit of trouble with some whiteheads and scabs. I also still have that huge cyst on my nose but its starting to go away. Anyways I hope this improvement c
  10. Day 10: Woke up today and my face had cleared up a bit. I still have a lot of brown spots from previous zits only had a few whiteheads and face felt smooth for the first time in a while. But it didn't last. A few hours after taking my pill, the redness appeared again and I broke out again. oh well.
  11. I should do the same then. I'll ask my dad to call first thing on Monday.
  12. I think they made a mistake for my next derm appointment. My box of Accutane runs out on July 17 but my derm appointment isn't until July 21. Can I go 4 days without taking the Isotretinoin?
  13. Day 9: 6.26.10 My face looks really horrible right now. It's really greasy (I thought this stuff made your skin DRY?) and my pores are bigger than usual. And my nose is has two giant cysts! One is that wretched cyst that goes away and then come back (it's the origin of all my acne) and the second one is near the tip of my nose. Basically my nose looks like a strawberry. This HAS to be the IB cause my face just keeps breaking out. Just hope that it's over with quickly so it can start healing. 6.
  14. I think we're both on the same day of Accutane :D Yesterday (6.26.10) marked the 9th day of treatment. Good luck on your treatment!