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  1. GubbyLips is right, all those dam multi,complex b, vitamin c, vitamins are all BS. They claim to be 100% natural and it aint. They make fake ad's just to make money. Yall need to start getting into that fake bs they sell at the markets because it aint helping you much. I've been taking Shaklee vitamins 4months and it has helped me alot. I've also been taking their creams and they work like a charm . I used to have acne, I would get big ass pastules in my nose,chin and forehead, this compa
  2. Will it be safe to use acv on minimal zits on my nose area??They arent big just small with a small head and inflame redness and usually leave a mark. I just want to know if it wont make me break out with bigger ones, it might sound like am exaggerating but these little zits look nasty up close am most of my nose has like peeling and rough texture....plz respond back
  3. Let it out its time like these that crying is important for you to make yourself more comfartable, its maybe the side effects...just dont cry too much you got to be strong
  4. I drink mostly water bottles but i dont know how many should i drink each day to keep my face hydrated can anyone help me out am thinking its around 4?
  5. So how do I use acv i want to buy me one but dont know if it will be good for my skin i usually break out around the t area head and nose with one or two at a time. Should i really buy it? does it have any side-effects? oh and what does it mean by diluting acv? does it mean mixng it with little water
  6. good job man on finding something to help you keep ya head up
  7. hmm a picture would sure help....do they itch sometimes ? or does it make the spot where it lays redish? edit:after u got them did acne start there? do they look like those ^ yellow things?
  8. i think one reason why it sounds bad is because we hear it almost by anyone even in the tv alrdy just like cancer...
  9. Does anyone get them in your chin right below your lip because i think i know what they may be..
  10. Everyone should look at each other in the miror everyday and say to himself ' That creature that God created is me' naybe it sounds dumb but it helps. One day when god picks u up to his palace all that acne will be cure, no thirst, no hotness......think of it not many ppl may like you cause of ur looks but up somewhere theres the creator of everythin who always haves u in his heart
  11. i seem to have 3big black marks since i have a tannish dark skin but anyways how can i fasten the pace on getting rid of them??? Oh and when u pop a pimple it leaves a scar right??not a red or black mark? PS:Thx