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  1. if you believe that acne is what will define you, then you've already lost to it.
  2. it takes a wee bit more than flawless skin to be considered perfect.
  3. if you are thinking about that while engaging in some sort of sexual activity, either self-served or done as a couple, then someone is probably doing it incorrectly.
  4. yeah it's fake. we didn't even wear a real suit, it was some fake-suit thing. in retrospect, the fake suit was pretty cool.
  5. if the media was full of make-up-less naturals, then the media would be full of hot make-up-less naturals, which certainly do exist. then everyone would put on makeup to look as good as the naturals, lol
  6. depends who said it, and the circumstances in which they insulted me.
  7. what. they are taking you to the derm, aka the dude that knows what they are doing (sometimes). both parties are better off taking you there instead of them reading some random stuff on the internet and becoming internet-certified doctors. a girl that does not know how to take care of herself, and is oblivious of the harm she is doing to herself needs far far more attention just because she does not know how to take care of herself. i think she needs a bit more credit too, if she started die
  8. some guy said that for new years he was not going to pick at his skin for a month or something. i wanted to be an asshole and beat him at his own game, so i did.
  9. consider just trimming the pubes, man, we've got it pretty lax in those regards. it's almost expected for you to have a little bit there, unless they've been watching too much pornography, where everyone is shaved. you can try plucking, but i wouldn't really recommend it. i have a little hair on my shaft too, and it hurts to pluck, man. i pluck like one hair every five minutes, and i am sweating like crazy because i am terrified of hurting my little soldier. if you do pluck, pluck FAST, don't
  10. when it first started, my brother said my acne says "hello" in braille i looked online, and i did not have enough dots to spell it out i was both happy and disappointed
  11. dude, people post videos of doctors extracting insects from gaping holes on people, people popping ginormous infections, and journey. if your videos have purpose beyond "i am going to rant about something" or "i am a cute girl, watch me speak nihongo", then acne ain't no big deal, man. but the internet generally frowns upon opinions and senseless youtube videos, and if they don't like you, it's probably the first thing they will target. but even if you did not have acne, they'd just find someth
  12. i was chilling with some friends. and i had a ripe one on my forehead. we were messing around with hair threading, because one of my friends was like "dude, there's like this asian thing or something where you can use string like tweezers." i said, "dude, no way, man, you can't tweeze with string." but then a girl said it was called threading, and showed us how it went. i said, "hey, man, fix up my eyebrows and make me beautiful. i can not look awesome with this almost-unibrow." i shoulda as
  13. most people look quite bad in sun or any harsh light-source. that is just how the sun rolls. its such a hater.
  14. i sport a bruce lee haircut in hopes that the first person that i remind people of is bruce lee. or the beatles. i am okay with either one.