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  1. Since starting up on some fiber pills to "promote regularity", I have seen less acne "growth" and overall less redness and puffyness. It's been about 10 days since taking these psyllium filled pills. My diet has not changed other than these pills and physical activity or stress has been normal. this has been my only change. Is it safe to say that this is having a positive effect? has anyone heard of this correcting acne? I'm just afraid of being dependent on them and having withdrawl symptons
  2. maybe most of the kids with acne are at home isolated. I know I hate being around people because my confidence is shot, when my acne is bad. walking around the streets is not a great indication of whether a country suffers from a certain problem or not
  3. Not sure if this helps. but I used to flake pretty bad and my skin would almost become instantly dry after using products.. my only solution was using NOTHING. by doing so, i stopped needing any type of lotion. problem solved in that regard. the meds just seemed to dry my face out, which irritated it more and the non stop cycle continued. I finally had to cut the chord somewhere and now everythings fine, with dryness.
  4. It might be your cleansers. a lot of people recommend when you change your diet drastically, you should also change your cleaning regimen. Almost as if you should STOP all things that could make you breakout
  5. i'd also watch out for the iodine content as well. You eat a lot of IODINE from everyday foods, so to get 100% in a vitamin, is almost doubling your dosage and that can also cause problem skin http://www.milksucks.com/zits.html
  6. From my experiences, going from medications and soaps TO just water, was a bleshing in disguise for my facial clensing needs. I went from red, dry, flakey, and oily skin, to just normal. I guess for some, these medicines can do both good and bad with varying degrees of success/failure. As with foot and prescription allergies, everyone is different.
  7. As the originial poster has stated, everyone is different, so I will post from that point of view. What about the swimmers that swim in chlorine and use basic washing techniques and have clear skin. Or the surfers who hang around salt water. Like with any diet/experiment, try it once, but don't go out eatting a water filter for your shower just yet. What works for some, doesnt work for others. Btw, I spray my face with bottled water and It has neither helped me MORE or worsened me, since I sto
  8. My diet is basically what Wai's "boyfriend/husband/signif. other" was using. He's about the same stature as I am, so I am basically going food for food and seeing how that works out. But the diet , DAILY, consists of: A - 3 liq. quarts of FRESHLY squeezed orange juice, with 100( to 150) gram sugar and 50 gram oil added to every 1.5 liq. quart. - B - one handful of Brazil nuts (usually about 1 cup full) - C - 100 gram fresh raw fish or 5 egg yolks (sometimes more) - D - About 5 bananas. -
  9. I'm still asking questions and looking for answers myself, as I have incorporated segments of this diet into my lifestyle. I got a ton of reading info and help from reading her README ONLY forum, which answered 99% of the questions I had, http://www.waitalk.com/cgi-bin/bb/ultimatebb.cgi
  10. jeuxles, you say that eating fats with sugars isnt' plyable or a "real solution", but what do you say about artifically intaking multi vitamins and supplements? that's not natural or a "real solution" either in my opinion. Many diet's out there have you buying 60 dollars a MONTH worth of vitamins just to get better. I'm sure you're not an advocate of taking vitamins too, right? There is almost nothing you can do naturally, without putting some rules or restrictions on what you do.
  11. http://www.waitalk.com/cgi-bin/bb/ultimatebb.cgi she answers a lot of questions there about sugars and candida overgrowth. A lot of us have become almost programmed to think that we need solid foods and Good hearty 3 times a day meals to be healthy, but there are alternatives that do help. And the 2 parts sugar to 1 part fats ordeal is a pretty basic concept for all types of foods, not just fruits and good fats.
  12. As hard as this may be for some, I've jumped up to drinking 1 gallon of freshly squeezed OJ. I mix in 2 parts sugar to one part olive oil to the orange juice. It really helps gain the weight. Add in egg yolks and there is no weight loss for me.
  13. Check out her Read-me ONLY forum. it answers tons of questions. http://www.waitalk.com/cgi-bin/bb/ultimatebb.cgi My question to healthdude.. how is it NOT healthy if you are intaking all the nccersary vitamins and nutrients?
  14. I'm still doing it. No negative side effects yet. Only positives.. my throat is so much clearer than it used to be. it seems to work for me.