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By EaglesGirl,

Clears skin!! Easy to apply Lasts a long time DRYING! Expensive shipping (to Denmark) :s In around a month, it cleaned my skin. I still have red marks, but it's really nice to have a SMOOTH face! :D. The dryness was difficult to handle (esp when you're wearing makeup), but the skin will adjust slowly to it. I've noticed how my skin is getting less and less dry, but it takes some time. But it's definitely worth it!

By EaglesGirl,

Easy to lather Feels good on skin Leaves clean feel The product itself has a decent price Lasts a long time Expensive shipping (to Denmark) :s I love how easy it is to apply :D. And how CLEAN my skin is! The Acne.org regimen cleaned my skin in about a month (though, I still have red marks, but it's so nice to feel a smooth face..!)!

By EaglesGirl,

- Gets rid of "old" zits (slowly but surely) - seems to help fading red marks - good value (a little goes a long way) - reduces redness - you can choose your own cleanser and moisturizer - if you don't moisturize with a proper moisturizer, your skin will start scratching, being more red and sting - makes you break out I've used this product for 2 weeks now. I didn't experience redness, stinging or burning on my face, but when I applied a bit to my neck, I accidentaly for

By EaglesGirl,

Reduces redness Helps speeding up the process of fading the red marks (I have only the stubborn ones left, which may seem like, to other people, that it "stopped working", but these marks are older, and therefore takes longer time to fade) It's cheap compared to other products It doesn't break me out Good moisturizer Natural Can also be used on bug bites, wounds and more Can seem a bit thick and oily, but that's only if you use too much at the time. A little goes a

By EaglesGirl,

Makes my skin feel soft Smells good It's messy! You need to be close to a mirror, to keep track on where the honey is, lol. But yeah, if you have dry skin or just want to try something else, this is a good mask. I don't have dry skin, but it works quite well anyway. My skin always feels smooth afterwards.

By EaglesGirl,