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  1. I do not live in Sweden - I live in Denmark. I've ordered BP many times, always recieving my products and only once (or twice?) had to pay for customs fee. I hope this helps! And good luck!
  2. Hi, and welcome! And don't worry, Acne.org send their products outside USA. I live in Denmark and have bought the products several times, the latest being between December and January. But I would recommend that you only buy one kit as a start, in case it's not working for you. Or if you, like me, don't like the moisturizer. But give it time! Your skin will most likely react and may become irritated at first, but will then start to calm down. Although I've used the product for more than 2 y
  3. Of course we will! Some girls are attracted to a "rough" look. So don't you worry! . Besides, it all depends on your personality. If a girl likes your personality, she will stay with you!
  4. BP is the most active product helping me to keep my acne completely away. I have found a cleanser that helps, too. And in addition to that, I've developed a couple of habits that help (not touching face, change pillows often, ect).
  5. Hello, all you wonderful people! It has now been more than a year since I finally beat my acne. It left a lot of scars - both physically and mentally. The physical scars aren't noticable, though. The red marks are still visible, though. The good thing is, their colour have diminished down to a redish freckle-colour. I'm unsure if people around me even notice them. But then there are the mental scars. I still feel "a bit behind" when talking social skills; I don't like being touched, standing
  6. I don't know, but my guess is.. No. Since bp kills bacteria, no/very few types of bacteria should be able to live in/on it. The search bar doesn't work for me either. EDIT: it seems like the search bar works for searching for reviews, but not on the forum. Huh.
  7. I would say.. Sugar Dairy Because my inflammation went down after cutting out milk and cutting down on my dairy and sugar intake. Many people are lactose-intolerant after all, unless they have been drinking milk regularily since childhood. I've even heard of some having it without knowing. This could be one of the many causes for acne.
  8. Yes, this is very interesting indeed! I'll start drinking ACV again. I had kind of forgotten how healthy that stuff is, even if it doesn't do anything for my skin.
  9. I finally found a cleanser that feels like it's cleansing, but without drying the skin or feeling like it doesn't cleanse at all. My acne breakouts have been reduced noticeably and I can therefore use less BP, which then makes my skin less dry. Guinots Hydra Tendre is kind of expensive, though (219 DDK = 38.86 USD; but skincare products seem genreally more expensive in Denmark). The seller (who is also "my" cosmetician) said it would last around 3-4 months. We'll see about that, hehe . It's not
  10. NEWS! http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20958-in-development-a-vaccine-for-acne.html And here is a bit more skeptic view on it: http://acne.about.com/b/2011/09/28/an-acne-vaccine.htm
  11. Yeah we both cried,it was a wake up call that's for sure! Aww . And yeah, I can imagine. I would like to see him in real life, too >_>. But, on the other hand, I've got a mum, who's paralyzed from the neck and down. And she's more happy than I am xD. THANK YOU I fell completely in love with the song .