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  1. Your skin is probably sensitive or it could be the ingredients in the products u r using, I've tried both products and I have oily skin, they made my face dry n the moisturizer doesn't work. I recomment Johnson Johnson face wash, doesn't over dry ur skin. && you should try nuetrogena on the spot 2.5% bp instead of going strait to 10%... 10% might irritate ur skin more. And fo a moisturizer cetaphil works but may leave a greasy feel...
  2. Heyy so I just bought walgreens alpha hydroxy cream this is gunna be my third day using it... I have noticed a difference in my skin... But I was reading the ingredients in the back and some of the main ingredients could be pore clogging .. So I'm a lil scared to have a massive breakout... Has anyone tried this product?,
  3. Revlon custom creations is a greatt foundation, with just the right amount of coverage.
  4. Hey just wondering if anyone knew of a good over the counter microdermabrasion ??
  5. well Ive been trying to wash only twice but my skin gets oily n nasty so I wash it through out the day.... Prolly 3 or 4 times a day... I use benzoyl peroxide in the morning... And tazorac at night
  6. Ok so I have some facial redness and a burning sensation... I tink it's because I tend to over wash my face and I dnt put alot of sunscreen on.... Is there any way this will go away? Or is there anything that could calm it down ? I've been putting cucumbers on it... And it's been going down a llittle but I was wondering if there was anything else?? Thanks
  7. I know how u feel I'm verY self coscious about my skin too... I do have some scarring on my cheeks as well... I've tried out a bunch of foundations .. The dream matte mouse I didn't quite like because it felt cakey ish to me... I really like revlon custom creations... And since I have oily skin I use maybelline shine free compact. Love that stuff... My scars are barely noticeable with my routine... You should try revlon customs creations.
  8. I've tried the revlon photo ready make-up.. In the beginning I loved it, but then I got tired of it.. I usually switch up my foundations just to try out different ones... I've tried out a bunch lol.. I didnt quite like maybelline dream mousse.. Since I have oily skin it made me loook n feel cakey, I do like the PF mineral compact but I never tried out there foundation...But the one that I really like the most is revlon custom creations. No matter what u could find ur perfect shade just by turnin
  9. Oh myy I found alot of these in my make-up primerr. Good thing I stopped using it a while back... I knew it was causing me to break out. Thanks for posting this!
  10. do use anything other then tazorac?
  11. thanks for the feedback! I will keep u guys posted once I get dans bp
  12. I wwanted to try that too but I was scared o the 10% over drying my skin... Did it over dry ur skin alot?
  13. I use purpose cleanser and cetaphil moisturizer too... Love those products as well.. Hmm so I guess Ima try dans bp thanks
  14. thanks! I think Ima try it... Is it money back gurantee? Lol