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  1. You didn't cite your information; therefore, I believe you made it up.
  2. 1) It's called hormones and intolerance. Those are the common differences between people with acne and those who have few to none. Have you talked to a doctor about having your hormones checked?
  3. I'd suggest joining a course to improve your confidence. You sound a bit low on that, mate. Poor self-esteem leads to poor mental health overall.
  4. Take some zinc supplements, it takes away redness overnight. Never pop your pimples. Anyone with acne should know that.
  5. Can someone please shed light on what it means if birth control clears my acne really well? Might it mean I produce excess androgens or not enough estrogen? I would really like to talk to my doctor about it so I can possibly get off birth control and find an alternative method (no pills) to control my acne. I've become so insecure I stack pack after pack of birth control pills; in other words, I continue taking the pills right through the week in which you're supposed to stop taking them. I'm st
  6. I asked this question on Yahoo! Answers once! Here's the best response I received: "our faces are full of pores and also sweat glands. both breeding grounds for bacteria. also we touch our faces many times during the day, often subconsciously. the face is full of pores because it is constantly exposed to the elements and therefore needs to be constantly protected by the oils we secrete."
  7. Drinking milk and eating dairy makes a huge mess of my face. Different people, different effects. You're speaking for yourself here. And, Dan's regimen is much too harsh for my sensitive skin. I'm one of the people who has to "discontinue use." So what are our choices? There's only one regimen posted.
  8. I've really got to admit, I'm tired of hearing that we should all stop comparing our skin to the skin of airbrushed models in magazines! Why would I compare my awful skin to a model's when I can look at one of my peers, or a stranger in an airport, or a sibling's clear skin? Do you ever have days, weeks or even months where you don't want to leave the house because your skin is so awful? Am I the only one? I really feel like it.
  9. I don't think that milk is poison. I think that fresh, raw milk and yogurt can be somewhat healthy. But the key word is moderation. I would say any more than one small serving of dairy per day is too much. What we have in common western culture is a society that tells us to eat 3 servings of over-processed, cruelly obtained dairy every day, and THAT, my friends, is EXTREMELY unhealthy. I completely agree with this. Drinking close to a liter of chocolate milk as I mentioned in another post
  10. They say that milk has this addictive property in order to get newborns addicted to their mother's milk so they will be well fed in their early years. It's no wonder people don't want to stop milk, they're junkies, getting high with every drink. I could actually believe that, especially when it comes to chocolate milk. I was on vacation and asked for chocolate milk, I swear, they gave me a liter! I drank it all. I now have three large (pea-sized) cysts developing on my face. I've been ea
  11. The question is: if your acne were to suddenly clear up, what would your skin look like? And, how has acne affected your skin? I think my skin would look awful because of all the damage acne has done. I don't think home remedies would be able to 'fix' the scarring, even the enlarged pores due to popping pimples would not go away.
  12. What do you eat/do to make up for what you're losing by consuming dairy (esp. calcium)? I would like to cut dairy out of my diet as I'm quite confident it's causing many of my breakouts. I usually have a large bowl of cereal every morning with a lot of [skim] milk and if I eat something cheesy for dinner (e.g. lasagna) I can expect a large red bump the next day. I have a lot of trouble eating properly. I'm horrible for buying loads of candy and other empty calories. I've cut out pop and juice,