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  1. Sarah822

    Great coverage 12 hour Very light on skin Fragrance Free Balances oil Non-comedogenic Lasts a long time Doesn't look that great on flaky skin, but what does, really? Expensive. But I feel bad even saying this because it's SO worth it! As someone with acne, I'm always looking for that finished look that doesn't make me look like I have it. This was recommended to me by a consultant at Sephora. I suggest going there, and having them put it on you to see how it l
    Feels light on skin Has a high SPF No acne-causing ingredients Not very moisturizing Expensive I've always liked the Philosophy line, and loved the idea of an SPF in my moisturizer. Unfortunately, it made my skin burn upon application, and I really started getting dry skin within only days of when I started using it. If you have really oily skin, it might be worth a try, especially because it doesn't have any known acne-causing ingredients.
  2. Sarah822

    Moisturizes Calms and soothes Helps clear acne Anti-aging Contains collagen Wish they offered it in a pump I've been using this for about a month, and it has made such a difference in my skin. It makes my topical acne prescriptions much more tolerable by keeping me good and moisturized. It does feel a bit greasy going on, but I like to put it on before showering in the morning, and then after my shower, I just wipe the remaining off with my towel. Then right from there I p