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  1. I have one painful red like zit or something.. what is it?? And how to get rid of them fast??
  2. Ball State University, thank you for asking.
  3. Well, maybe your being a little bit dramatic. Im sure you'll find love, and didnt you say your acne was gone??
  4. Hi all! Thanks for checking this out, with my school on the way I cannot hope any more than for clearer skin! My school starts the 11th of August, so if my first regimen doesn't do much I have a few more tries - which I hopefully won't need! Anyways please look through my ideas and see if any changes are nessasary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DAY ONE : Morning - Wash face with Dove soap, dry with paper towl. (Break
  5. Definately severe acne, sorry to say. Have you seen a derm? If not, thats the first step.
  6. Hi! I use this every day, but only for 15 minutes. Is you acne severe?
  7. I have been using multiple of these masks/cleansers and have seen a dramatic change, plus I'm sure you have at least half of this already at home! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Egg white mask: First, get one egg, two bowls, honey, lemon, and a fork or whisk. Seperate the egg white and egg yolk into two bowls. Put a small squirt of honey in the bowl with the egg white. Next, a very small splash of lemon juice. Whisk until
  8. My acne is all on my T-Zone. It starts with my forehead, mostly small bumps - no pimples actually, at the moment. Also, how do I get rid of these bumps? My nose is so clear now after a recent treatment! I just have one small pimple on the side of my cheeck area right next to my nose! Next is my chin - what bothers me the most!! I have a few blackheads and dark spot. Not too noticable. Actually, all of my acne isnt that noticable. Sorry for the no pictures, I know they might have helped. I have
  9. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew if using Max Clarity under 11 can be actually dangerous... thanks. I'm a little worried about buying it for my daughter.
  10. Yes these masks are amazing!! You can use this as many times a week as you want since the egg whites are natural, but it may dry out skin. Also something even more amazing than just the egg whites are to mousturize your face with the yolk afterwards. Then after that, peel the inside of the egg and put onto your affected area. Please, please, please try this! By the way, I'm speaking of the egg white mask.
  11. Kaylyn

    Makes skin soft, smooth Doesn't smell Mostly fast Very cheap Gets rid of bumps QUICK. If you leave on for too long, it could make it worse. This works amazing, however if you leave it on all night the egg white can get into pores and mix with sweat; resulting in no changes or even worse skin than before. Anyways this is amazingly quick and very cheap. It doesn't smell at all.