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  1. Well i went in for bloodwork this morning, and as i had expected, i indeed have mononucleosis, and to my horror, i have been pulled off accutane just after completeing my first month of my course.. Not only is this a huge major setback for me, its a waste of $150 for the wasted perscription. So im wondering, will the 1 month of accutane that i took, have any positive effects on my skin?? Or was it just a waste. Also does anyone know when i will be able to start my course all over again.. tha
  2. But im already on a low dose for my weight 155 pounds and im on 40mg. Ill talk to my doc today.
  3. Due to the lack of responses in my last thread, i am making another one.. Because i dont have time to way 2 weeks for a single reply that will help me. IM LOSING BLOOD FAST HERE PEOPLE. Im averaging 2 nosebleeds a day here, and i DO NOT want to get off accutane. What can i do, these nosebleeds even occur just by sticking a cuetip doused in vasoline in my nose, the slightest nuzzle just triggers these heavy nosebleeds, however i can get them to stop within a matter of a minute and thirty secon
  4. Thanks punkrockprincess i appreciate that atleast somone is trying to help me understand this.. But what do you think the odds are of him taking me off accutane if i do indeed have mono?
  5. Hi, Ive been had this swollen gland for some time now (12 days), and my throat has just recently started to hurt. I dont have headaches or a runny nose or a cough or any other symptoms of a cold. Which is why i am suspecting the possibility of mono. What do you guys think?? My main concern is, my doc might take me off my accutane if i tell him i suspect mono and it turns out i have it. What do you guys think.
  6. Hey.. My neck hurts everytime i try and bend it to the left... Do i have mono??>
  7. whenever i move my right eye, down, left or to the right, i get minor pain, like the kind you get when you have a cold/headache and if feels like your eyes are swollen, but only in one eye.
  8. the gland under my my cheek/jawbone has been swollen for over a week now.. Only on the right side but not the left. It isnt causing me any discomfort in any way or anything Just wondering if anyone else got this.
  9. could you gimme a lil tip or two on howto acually apply it??
  10. Just had another nosebleed.. I used the saline spray twice yesterday, noone awnsered me so i figured it would be ok ?? Can somone just tell me SOMETHING? I have vasoline, polysporin. and saline nasal spray, so what should i do? I cant keep having these nosebleeds when i get back to work tomorrow.
  11. I hate to say this.. But your in junior high. f*ck all those antibiotics and topicals for now.. Get on accutane whatever the cost is, or you may end up with SERIOUS scarring. Tackle that acne at a young age, you will never regret it. My acne was never even 1/10th as severe as yours, and im on accutane.. I tried antibiotics and BP but nothin.. Get on the tane NOWWWW, thats my advice.
  12. My home is very warm all the time. and dusty at some points. I turned off the heat supply to my room so hopefully i dont get dried out. Ill try the vasoline.