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  1. Has anyone been able to do this with any form of success? It is kind of hard to describe but my oil has come back on the surface but my skin still feels tight and dry INSIDE. Apparently I have had a very minor case of keratosis pilaris underneath and the dryness has really set it loose now that the acne has gone. Other than applying moisturiser has anyone been able to help the natural moisturisation process of their skin come back faster? I do understand that prolonged use of accutane can act
  2. I have the same stuff... was on accutane for 12 months, too long in hindsight... as I was mega clear about 4 months in then I started getting these little hard whitehead type things which never got better until they finally pulled me off the drugs. I've been diagnosed as having keratosis pilaris and get it on my cheeks, upper arms and chest. It really isn't that bad if you leave it alone but I have a tendency to squeeze the white out making it all look so much worse and irritated It can be ex
  3. How often do you shampoo your hair? If you are doing at once a day at least then thats going to be making it worse. Try a dry scalp care shampoo like the one head and shoulders have, it should help a lot to stop ur scalp overdrying.
  4. Dry is definately a good sign I personally had very very oily skin, I honestly wouldn't mind keeping the dryish skin only if the eyes and lips could just go back to normal. Using a bit of moisturiser every day doesn't bother me in the slightest and mine isn't that dry on 40mg now that I'm used to it... I don't want the oil to come back after I'm done When I spoke to my derm she said the pores will stay smaller however the oil will usually return, may not be as much but some will still come b
  5. Well I am in aus so i assume theres a bit of product variation if you guys are all US or where ever you are. I think the neutrogena stuff is $12-15 or something like that, not that much more. Was one of the first I tried that I really liked so I've just stuck with it. I don't wanna change now everything is working so well.
  6. I personally use Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturise [senstive skin] I found its really light and keeps my skin from drying out really well. I get a minimal amount of shine which is why I like it. I found a lot of the hardcore oil free ones left me really shiny which I hated. I never noticed any increase in acne activity with this particular stuff. I started my course without moisturiser and only started when my skin became that dry I was getting dry white areas of skin and flakey bits that looked f
  7. Thanks guys, this stuff is truely a wonder drug it has given me my life back! If you can get on it, do it and never look back!
  8. Just updated my gallery so I thought I'd redo my log as I stopped for a few months. I thought I posted this before but it does not appear to be there anymore, either I missed the post button or if it was deleted for some reason I appologise but I have no PM or reason given to why its gone so I have no idea what happened... Like the description says im now just over 3 months into my course of 20mg with breakfast and 20mg with dinner, total length of ~6 months which will be depending on my progr
  9. I found that when I tried the apple cleanse and fast thingo my skin cleared up a lot, back on regular food it just went back to its usual craptacular self. However I felt so drained constantly and had no energy to do anything. You can't live like that and still function normally.
  10. Today sucks Had a few active bits appear on my cheeks... its been clear for ages there so it feels like I'm going backwards again ugh. Going in for the first day of a new job too today, I really am not looking forward to it
  11. Well after reading a few tane logs I decided to finally post up my own. To start with just a little bit about me if anyone could actually be bothered reading it. As the title suggests I am 21 years of age (22 in Feb) Male and live in Australia. It is summer here and its starting to get really hot which doesn't help the skin. Today it is 33 deg C inside my house, thankfully my room has aircon which makes it a lot more comforatble. I have suffered with acne since I was 18 give or take, it was ve
  12. I guess its a little different for me as I am a guy, no makeup goes on my skin I am the same when it comes to noticeable whiteheads, I can't stand them and I have to pop them. However it can be a double edged sword as if it doesn't pop easily its not hard to make it twice as bad. I have been trying to just leave my face alone and not touch it at all but its incredibly hard.
  13. You sound pretty much in the exact situation I am in at the moment. I am 22 in a month weigh 77kg and your story pretty much sums up my life for the last few years. Infact from your pics your severity looks very similar to mine however my forehead is pretty much always clear and it attacks my jawline really badly. Acne has damaged me the worst psychologically which is really hard. I used to love hanging out with friends etc but I avoid that even now and I barely go out anywhere either Anyway