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  1. I lost some weight today because I wanted to. So I started eating healthy and pushed myself during workouts in the gym and drank a hell lot of water and lookie here, I cleared up a bit.
  2. ^I had an awful experience with a dermatologist in this country so I figure I'll be finding a good derm in Australia since I'm moving next month. So far, the breakout has died a bit.
  3. Your skin type [oily, dry, normal, combination] is more or less determined by your genetic make up. Other factors may include your eating habits [e.g. if you've got oily skin you might eat too much oily / fried food], cleansing habits [you wash too much/too little....only wash every morning and evening], vitamin deficiency [refer to eating habits..which might mean that you aren't having much nutrition] and use of comedogenic [pore-clogging] makeup.
  4. breaking out so much...argh. I wish I hadn't done the regimen.
  5. After 2 days of using only cold moisturizer on my face, the swelling and redness has almost disappeared and left me with a face full of breakouts. -_- I just hope that this won't be permanent and this'll fade quick. I don't usually get pimples on the places where I broke out but heck, something tells me that this is only temporary. Thank God the swelling's gone!
  6. Just put the cold moisturizer on my face...and it feels like heaven! The redness has dissipated a bit.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice Wynne I just thought of something wicked: what if I chill my moisturizer then put it on my face? I just put my moisturizer in the freezer, hope this'll work. Haha.
  8. I had an occurence like that for a few days, this was my 2nd week on DK's regimen. I stopped when my face swelled up It seems that I'm allergic to the stuff.
  9. Conclusion to Tiffany's Anti-Acne Experience using DK's Regimen : Failed. I am actually allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. Now I'm looking for a way to relieve my irritated, red, swollen skin. I used ice cubes and rubbed them as Wynne directed all over my face, then put an ice pack over my swollen cheeks. At least I can smile now...it still hurts though. My cheeks feel really tender and numb, hah. Hmm, time will heal this. Stopped using BP and applied lots of moisturizer.
  10. Yes Wynne, I'm off to the nearest derm clinic ( I might be allergic to BP.
  11. For the past three days I was dealing with redness, dryness and flakiness and now I woke up and my face was HUGE! My cheeks have swollen up and I can't smile because my entire face is numb. I'm going to stop now. Seriously. I'd rather be an acne-ridden teen than a swollen, red-faced one.
  12. No don't ever do it! Your acne will get worse. You know what you should do? You should eat healthy and work out at least 3 times a week. I used to be anorexic and at that period I didn't eat any breakfast and dinner, just lunch. I had a little bit of acne on my forehead then but due to my one year of anorexia the acne spread to my entire face and I had really bad health problems [lack of stamina, improper breathing, headaches]. It was a really awful experience and now I'm eating healthy, with