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  1. Hi! Did you use it all night the very first night? I was told to get used to it slowly, first week - 1 hour per night than wash off and apply moisturizer second week - 2 hours per night third- 3 hours fourth - 4 hours and if by then your face is not having any issues to wear it all night.
  2. Im at my breaking point and have decided to go to a derm and get put on something. Now, im not really sure what to do or where to start. My acne is mild-moderate. A few blackheads here and there in my oily spots. My forehead is the worst area and I have been getting alot of scarring papules and pustules. When I get them on my cheeks they are big ass papules that take forever to come and go. With that being my type of acne, what would you suggest? A topical? An antibiotic? Which one? Any advic
  3. If you have spots on your forehead dont worry about it. It looks like you have a fringe in your photos, just keep the fringe to cover up the spots when your out with friends and when your in the house just tie it back so you can get air into your skin glands. Forehead acne is pretty random, its stapled everywhere no-one knows the direct cause for acne, so it could be stress or something you wouldnt expect in a million years. My advice was to be your self, and dont stress over anything, just ke
  4. I think you need a prescription from a doc, but please dont quote me on that. Pharmacists are pretty helpful nowadays, so maybe ask one of them and see where that gets you? Can you not get a prescription?
  5. It seems all of my posts are really stupid questions. But im just so lost. My face has gotten alot better in the last year with the help of different products and clarisonic. I am now at the point where my chin and cheeks are 97% clear 97% of the time. But my forehead? Its a bitch. And I dont really know what to do. It cleared up nicely for the month of July. But its back to being its fairly congested self with MASSIVE pustules/papules, at least 1-2 at a time. and I hate it so much. Im just
  6. However it came out it was rude. How is mine the same? I answered his question, asked him a question, and gave him my tip on how I get past it.
  7. What the hell is it with people on this website replying with inconsiderate, a**hole answers? Get over yourself. Yes sportsguy, I feel like people are looking at the flaws on my face when im talking to them. Thing is, most of the time I dont really think they notice, and if they do they dont think anything of it. When you talk with someone, do you notice the flaws on there face? What I do if I feel uncomfortable with someone looking directly at me, is smile as big as I can smile.
  8. Its so true. I get upset to the point where I dont want to leave my house because I have some scarring and a few red actives on my face. Yet I have a healthy supportive family who adores me, an amazing boyfriend who loves my face, friends who love me for who I am, a bright future, my health, my smarts and so much more. I really need to take a look at my priorities.
  9. Helllooo! I have been meddling in this diet for a little while now. But I think I have decided to go full blown into it. As of now I am pretty much refined sugars, bad fats and grain free. Not 100% but not bad. There is so much information out there I am a little bit confused and have some questions for those of you who are on it. 1)Did you just go full blown into it day 1? Or did you slowly let your body adjust over a matter of weeks? 2)Did you do any type of detox before you started? I have r
  10. Thank you so much. Do you have any suggestions? I would like to follow a regime as I have come to the point where I am scared to eat everything for fear it will "break me out". Turning into a stick!
  11. Hey Beady I cant speak for Ortho Cyclen, but I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen and it has really helped me with regularity, pms and has not rid but has made my acne more mild. I think the 3 month mark is when you are able to tell if a BCP is working for you. If your on month 4 and your getting noticeably worse I would talk to your doctor about switching it up.
  12. What a horrible thing to say. These forums are for support and advice. Not for you to be pessimistic about her success. Mae, congrats on fighting your skin picking addiction. You are obviously kicking ass, as your skin looks absoloutly wonderful. Way to go beautiful!
  13. I have been doing some reading on it, just because I find it to be an interesting theory. Has anybody actually tried eating for their blood type, with successful results? Thank you in advance for your replies!
  14. and i totally didnt mean to post it in this forum. sorry all.
  15. Hello everyone. I have been wondering this for awhile now. Did some research but really cannot find anything that answers my question. When I was 14 I started to become bulimic. Not to bad, mostly just a binge/purge every once in awhile. By the time I was 17 I had a full out eating disorder and dropped about 30-35 pounds. I am now 22, and since about 20 I have started to heal myself and become a bit of a health nut. As of today I have not been able to gain any of my weight back, although I hav