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  1. good luck man i feel you i have body acne 2 and i wanna go swimming :/
  2. thanks the pills made them better but its still there i wonder what my doc is gonna give me next maybe a stronger dose who knows. i will try the lemon juice starting tommorow
  3. alright im 17 and iv e been suffering with bacne for 3 to 4 years and i went last month to the dermo , they made me take doryx 150mg it made everything try but theres still red spots and some spots that are just red , there mostly all flat i just dont know how to get the look off. I also you epiduo on my skin it just trys it up mostly ive seen results but im still not confident enough to go to a pool or beach and its really irritating :/ CAN somebody help me how to make the MARKS dissapear